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Friday Fallback


Ooooooo-oooo I gave you my heaaaa-aarrtttt. Dont go breakin’ my.. don’t go breakin’ my.. Don’t go breakin my hear-ah-art.

Oh don’t be silly! This isn’t a downcast Friday Feeling song! I’m not languishing under a pile of Jelly Snakes and copies of Cosmo looking for some inspiration or should that be aspiration? Anyway.. I’m not blue, or sad, or crying  – oh the flood of Tammy Wynnette and Dolly Parton coming to me right now is almost, gasp, overwhelming, but I digress..

It’s always ok for a bit of Muppet Magic – ye still haven’t lost it guys and eh, pigs! And there’s great synchronised clucking as always from the chickens.

Mind you.. apart from the revelation that Auntie Elton can’t remember the words to his songs anymore and needs an autocue, maybe why this song popped into my head and subsequently hasn’t left it is down to the Tinys. Who are now the Tiny Teenagers… with lots of energy and the ability to scale curtains and sets of drawers in the blink of an eye. The poor curtains. And then there’s the scuttling along the top of my lovely leather couch and the inevitable scraping sound when one of them ambushes the other. Sigh. One of their favourite games seems to be ‘See how much litter we can flick onto the floor from it’s tray’, along with ‘First one to knock the vase of flowers can have first go seeing if she left a window open’. Groan.

Sometimes I think these Tinys are going to break my heart with their boldness… other times I know my heart would break if anything happened to them!

Ding Dong! Guess Who!

There are certain commercials that everyone remembers and even if you weren’t around in the 1960’s when Avon launched in the UK, you’re bound to have heard the iconic phrase, ‘Ding Dong, Avon Calling!’

avon ad 1959A copy of the latest Avon catalogue landed on my desk a few weeks ago. I was really impressed with the amount of products they have, the bang up to date make up colours [especially the eye shadow palettes] and the fabulous range of skincare lines for all ages. Then there’s jewellery, lingerie and haircare as well. I will definitely be ordering, once I can actually make up my mind what I want! There’s a nifty new ‘7 in 1’ lipstick, the SpectraColour, which allows you turn the dial and change the colour of your lipstick – from light and glossy daytime to dark and vampy nighttime in a range of pinks, lilacs or browns. And apparently the ‘Bust Firming Cream’ is great – according to the Brunette in the office. She asked if any of the rest of us had tried it, ‘I wish I had a need to’ was the exclamation from the Blonde… She ordered something else in the end!

The star of the very first UK TV advert was Faith Hines and she’s pulling out all the stops to try and find a copy of her starring role in the 1965 ad. I’m sure you’ve noticed the beautiful Reece Witherspoon in the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ ads and more recently there’s been a bevy of new Avon ladies gracing the small screen, all real life Avon representatives. It was actually this new campaign that prompted Faith to try and track down a copy of the original, she has a Facebook page and she’s on Twitter hoping someone can help find a long lost copy. Faith still looks great today in the video above, 50 years later! And she seems like the nice kind of lady that would thank you profusely for finding it too!

Faith’s Facebook page is here and her Twitter here


blonde-goth-21There was a really good drama on TV recently and the story and how it unravelled got me thinking. I was really intrigued by the issues the main character became embroiled in, how it all happened and where it could’ve ended up.

Very wealthy Asian family. Daughter being pushed into an arranged marriage she doesn’t want and she resents her brother’s ‘playboy’ lifestyle outside of the strict family unit. Family chauffeur is in love with the daughter, sees she doesn’t like her now intended husband. The chauffeur first drugs and then plants drugs and incriminating photographs on this guy, he gets caught through a tip off, a criminal record and his reputation is in ruins. The chauffeur tells the daughter he ‘saved her’ from an unwanted marriage and wants a ‘reward’. The daughter agrees to sleep with him as a once off. She starts to hate her double life of sneaking off to her nice English boyfriend’s house and playing the dutiful daughter at home. She is intrigued by the chauffeur, his devotion to her and initiates more sex with him. For the first time in he life she feels like she’s making her own decisions.

She starts to lose any control she had when her intended husband turns up demanding to know why she ruined his life, that he knows she had something to do with his downfall. He puts two and two together and realises her chauffeur is starting her motor in more ways than one and obviously this can’t become public knowledge. As she looks on, the chauffeur kills the guy and promises to get rid of the body. Her real boyfriend wants to meet her family, wants to prove he can in fact be a good husband. He impresses her father so much that there’s an announcement that he’s ‘lending’ his now future son in law money and that they’re going into business together. The daughter feels more trapped than ever and tries to lose herself in her clandestine affair with the chauffeur.

When a body turns up and it’s identified as her ex- fiance, she starts to panic – he’d made many allegations against her when alive. The net closes in. The chauffeur loves her so much by now he’s willing to do anything for her. He quite literally loses himself in a crime of passion. He  ‘forces himself’ on her, tells her to say he confessed to the earlier murder before he ‘rapes her’ and then he stabs himself. Dying on his lover in a final act of allegiance, to all intents and purpose, it looks like she killed him in self defense, when in fact, it was her faithful devotee that has, most likely saved her reputation. After all, how would a respectable, well educated girl like her ever get involved in drugs and murder?

The drama ends with her on her wedding day to her English boyfriend, the one she supposedly wanted to be with all along, the one that her father now approves of and is in business with. But she doesn’t look happy, she looks trapped, all over again. Trapped by her desire to stay the pampered princess, still trapped by her family, trapped by what she knows and trapped by her lies. If anyone found out what she was an accomplice to, her life as she knows it would end. Her guilty face says it all.

What would you have done? Owned up to knowing the chauffeur had killed your ex fiance? Owned up to having an affair with him? Owned up to wanting to be free to live your own life, even if it can only start after a jail sentence? Owned up to taking advantage of someone else’s desires and using them to protect the privileged yet materialistic lifestyle you had grown accustomed to? Or simply said nothing and lived with these secrets for the rest of your life?

Right Up Her Street

When I read about this recently, I did chuckle. It’s neither the funniest thing ever said or done, nor has it changed my life. It just made me think that given the situation, I might say something similar.

Michelle Obama has been thrust into a spotlight so bright and overwhelming, that her day to day routine now as First Lady is far from what would be described as ‘normal’ and one I will never experience. There have been thousands of column inches written about her style, her background, her life with Obama before he became President, how she combined her quite frankly overachieving Ivy League career with having two daughters, her focus on wanting to be a mother that just wants to get on with other things as well.

I, for one, am not going to knock her, although plenty have already poo-pooed her desire to fit in helping out at local homeless shelters while also swanning around in $400 dollar Lanvin runners, her ‘I just fished this out of the back of the wardrobe outfit for a Vogue feature’ attitude to materialism while ruthlessly sizing up and being vocal about her husband’s opponents in the run up to the election.

Cast all that aside. What she said recently while giving a speech to the US Mission to the UN in New York, was that appearing on Sesame Street, getting to hang out with Elmo and Big Bird was probably the best thing that’s happened to her since moving to the White House! She really did say that! Now this post isn’t about to turn into a saccharin coated gush of affection for Mrs O, it’s just me saying that, well, that was a kinda cool thing to say. A bit geeky, a bit ‘Girlfriend you need a cocktail!’, a bit sappy and if I was a complete cynic, I’d say a bit too contrived, but also one of those things whereby a seemingly genuine person, that is perfectly likeable got to do something that nearly all of us would love to do! Really, who wouldn’t want to hang out on Sesame Street with Elmo, Big Bird and all the rest of the gang?!

Less Beverly Hills.. More Like Hill 16

This is hilarious! Credit where credit’s due, I came across this on lovely Annie’s blog and couldn’t resist putting it up myself. The opening line sets the tone for the entire video – so you have to turn up the volume! There are a good few ‘Hills’ parodies up on youtube.com but this is the best, cos it’s done by a few Irish girls, natch. Whiffy Whitney’s ridin’ knickers will have to stay on until another night. Lauren’s hair extensions might be a bit manky and Lo just looks as though she hasn’t a clue what’s going on, it could be all the teeth whitening chemicals that’ve gone straight to her head. Hammer Time indeed!

Echo Echo

I swear to God, the next time I hear this song I’ll know who sings it. It’s a perfect little pop ditty and it’s all about ‘being back in Echo Beach someday-ay-ay-ay’. Oh this song kills me everytime I hear it – but no more! It’s all the fault of ITV for dreaming up the Echo Beach/ Moving Wallpaper combo. I’d heard this song before that but have heard it loads more since. ‘Moving Wallpaper’ was the ‘behind the scenes in the TV production company while filming Echo Beach’ programme that was shown before the actual soap that was being produced, ‘Echo Beach’. With me? Good. There’d be all kinds of crises behind the scenes and generally a lot more bad behaviour [yes, sex between people that shouldn’t be up to that kind of thing and general I-could-be-fired-for-this type malarkey] just with less corny lines and less looking out to sea in a forelorn way after the latest setback / heartbreak.. you get the picture!

I watched a few of these episodes and it’s all well and good ITV trying to be a parody of itself and what TV production is, gold star to the clever exec etc.. but I liked these programmes just for what they were – perfect Friday night I’m just about to get ready to go out viewing and perfect is there any pizza left, I’m opening more wine wiewing as well. Not a lot of thinking involved, see? And did I mention Hugo Speer? Mmm mmm…

Sadly, Echo Beach is no more but apparently Moving Wallpaper will be back but will be behind the scenes of a ‘fictional’ or ‘zombie’ show.

And just for the record, Martha and the Muffins did the original in 1980, Toyah did a version and Gabrielle Cilmi recorded the version used by ITV.

Everyone’s Girl Friday

There was an escape from Glitter Towers recently, whereby we took ourselves into town, best clothes on cos we were going somewhere very nice and meeting our favourite girl, Una Norris from Carrickstown, for a bit of a chat. I was soo nervous meeting my heroine but it the interests of good journalism, I took a deep breath and pressed play on my dictaphone!

GK: Una, great to meet you! How are you today?

Una: Oh, I’m grand, noh a bodder! It’s lovely here isn’t it? I was dead nervous coming into The Shelbourne n’ all. It’s so posh! And I was worried dere’d be chewin gum on me skirt, the buses into town can be filtee!

GK: So Una, how about I ask you some questions and it’ll be like a quick fire round, just say what comes into your head!

Una: Like ‘Family Fortunes? Or ‘Murphy’s Micro Quiz’? I used to loove dem! Go ahead! 

GK: Ok, whatever comes into your head! Favourite colour?

Una: Pink! Oh yeah! Definitely Pink.

GK: Favourite Place?

Una: Oh, eh.. I don’t know! Wih me fella Keih I suppose! Oh he’ll kill me for saying dat! On de beach in Tenereefey maybe

GK: Favourite Film?

Una: Dat’s Easy! ‘Pretty Woman’ It’s soo rosemantic!

GK: Favourite Drink?

Una: G and T, ice an’ a sli-iss, plee-ase

GK: Una, what do you like to do on your day off?

Una: Well, it doesn’t seem like I geh many a dem! Even on me days off I seem to do nothin but tidy up de fla’, wha?I dunno. I s’pose I like te do a bit a shoppin, meet one a de girls under Clery’s clock, dere’s lovely stuff in Clery’s. I got a whole new bedspread and pillowcase set dere in de sale. Maybe have a bih of a bite te eat in de Kylemore. And den I like te go home, get a takeaway and a DVD.

GK: Una, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Una: Oh, dat’s easy! A hairdresser! And sure I am one! I got a Girl’s World for Chrissstmas when I was 6 and I spent hours, hours I tell ye, brushin her hair an’ puttin on lipstick. But me Ma told me that people’s hair would always grow and dat not everyone wears make up, so I decided to be a hairdresser. And sure I’m good at de ole make up too dough!

GK: How would other people describe you?

Una: Oh God! I dunno. I’d like if dey tought I was a nice person. It’s nice te be nice. Me granny always said I had a heart o’ go-ilt, now I dunno about dat, but I like when people smile n not be all angry, so I’d try te geh dem to see sense, y’know?

GK: I get you Una! And definitely I think people would say you do have a heart of gold!

Una: Tanks very much! God! I’m blushin! Wha’s de next question! Quick!

GK: Una, what do you think of when I say the name ‘Keith’ to you?

Una: Stoppeh! I’m blushin even more now! Morto I am! I just tink of de time he axed me te marry him! He walked into McCoy’s, dat’s me no our local an’ he had a bunch a balloo-ins, all hearts and de ones that float. An he tol-ilt de whole world, well the people dere at de time, dat he loved me and wanted te marry me. An de ring was ah de end of de string. An den he got down on one knee, all formal loike, an when he looked straigh ah me, I just knew ih was meant te be!

GK: Una, have yourself and Keith decided where you’ll get married?

Una: No [shakes head], noh yet. I’d love if we went te Rome an’ maybe even saw de Pope. But I tink Keih says he wants te save money for a rainy day, so it’ll probably be in Dubalin, somewhere nice but just a small weddin’, it’d be more special dat way.

GK: And Una, will you still work after you get married?

Una: Oh yeah! Sure de bills won’t pay demselves! An’ I loike te tink of meself as an independent girl who can buy her own stuff. I mean, I love my Keih, bu’ a girl has te look after herself too y’know. An’ anyway, it’s importan’ te not be leanin’ on someone lese for stuff, money stuff, even if he is yer husbint.

At that point Una’s phone rang and when she smiled as soon as she spoke I knew if could only be one person on the other end of the line, Keith! I leaned in a bit closer and I heard her saying she was picking up travel brochures. Maybe Una’s going to get her dream wedding and dream honeymoon after all! I hope so.