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I’ve moved into my new apartment. I’ve nearly unpacked everything – there’s one large suitcase of clothes still in the bathroom of all places and there’s a small suitcase of ‘stuff’ that needs to be organised into drawers of ‘kinda important, will keep’, ‘not that important, might throw out’ and ‘why didn’t I throw this out before I moved?’. A throw I bought in Argos that so didn’t turn out to be the same colour IRL as it was in the catalogue has to be returned and I’ll replace it with a nice, small end table thingy in glass and silver that I also saw during my several perusals of the entire doorstop of a catalogue.

I’m actually really happy with the way the place has come together so quickly! There’s just one other thing to arrive. Well, ‘things’, plural. Well, they’re not really things. More like THE most fab addition any place could have! You want to know what, huh? Or should that really be who… ? Oh yes, The Tinys are on their way! Who wouldn’t want these little bundles of cuteness to come home to? Who wouldn’t want these absolute dotes to play with and cuddle up to?

the cats 006

A Bit Ahead of Myself

denning3This moving apartment lark comes with a lot of ‘stuff to do’ [as mentioned below]. I’m now no closer to moving, in any way shape or form despite numerous phone calls trying to organise the ‘stuff’, but of course, I’ve already decided on colours for each room and have a fair idea as to how each one will look.

The bathroom is going to be blue, well have blue accessories, the bath/shower/basin/toilet are all white, and I already have a really nice clear shower curtain that has blue flowers on it, so hence the choice. I put blue towels up the other day and I plan on having things like blue toothbrush & holder, blue soap etc. The huge mirror is nearly the width of the room and I think some of those squishy stickery things that go on glass or mirror in the form of fish and shells etc is called for as well.

The living room will be red. This choice has kinda been made for me as there’s a fab red leather with chrome legs couch arriving in the next few days, an unwanted cast off from the landlady. My couch is taupe/beige so a red throw will be going over that. The room is really bright and sunny and from experience, light muslin material thrown over a curtain rail can really work, so I’ll get some of that in red. The walls are white but I think white cushions would be asking for trouble, maybe I’ll do a bit of mix n match, a few other colours strewn about will do and I’ll paint my bookshelf red and keep the vase I have with the big bunch of bright yellow fake sunflowers.

The kitchen is all white but again, I couldn’t leave it like that so I’ll def be adding in lots of splashes of colour. I’ve a bright yellow kettle and toaster, I’ve multi coloured cutlery [chunky plastic, go with anything!]  and crockery, so I might end up just using lots of bright colours against the white. I’m fairly decided on pink/purple for my bedroom – mind you again, that’s mainly cos I’ve now two redundant purple throws that have kept my beige couch beige and some matching cushions that are past their best so I wouldn’t care if they spent a lot of time on the floor rather than the bed. And the fact that lots of ‘sheet’ sets are pinky/purpley in colour will make purchasing easier. Paint my big set of drawers to match, get some purple muslin for the curtain rail and that room with it’s white walls is done!

I don’t really understand doing up a room in ‘neutral’ colours, but sure you’ve already guessed that!  Now all I need to do is figure out where the kitten basket is going to go….

Moving On Up

apartment_cartoonI’m moving. That’s right, I’m actually moving from my little shoebox in the heart of Dublin 6 and I’m moving a whole southside postcode away to Dublin 8. I’m moving into a great apartment that’s way bigger than where I’ve been for the last, ahem, 7-ish years [OMG! I’ve been here 7 years?] and so I’m also moving out of Rathmines.

I’m very familiar with my new place as it’s actually where my eh, Ex used to live. Is that a bit weird? He used to live there, he has moved out! Hell, I practically lived there for months bar a few weeknights when I’d actually trundle home to my shoebox to pick up more clothes and bits and pieces. Are you thinking it’s weird that I’m moving into my Ex’s place? Oh! He’s def not there anymore, he moved out a while back into a place he owns in order to do it up and for a change of scenery. So, when I move in, it’ll be just me. And the reminders of all the time the two of us were in the apartment. Nice.

So, why am I moving in? Well, I really like the apartment and I do think I’ve been in Rathmines too long. HQ will always be there and I can go visit whenever I want. And sure the other regulars will always be there as well! And while the rent is higher than what I pay at the moment, I’m still getting this place at less than the going rate – which is too bargainicious to turn down, right? I know the area I’m moving too and as it’s city centre, I’m only 10 minutes walk from Grafton Street. I’d be stupid not to move in. Has the weirdness subsided? How about I tell you that my Ex’s Mother owns the apartment? Yeah, she does. And now that my Ex is my Ex, I’ve met his mother. She’s delighted I’m moving in as we’re getting on like a house on fire!

So between now and next week there’s a few things to do; properly clean my new place, yes, the guy left it not quite clean enough, what a shocker! I was there yesterday, oh I already have keys, and while I got over the weirdness of being back there on my own, there’s a bit of elbow grease required to have it gleaming. I need boxes, I need to throw out I’m guessing one third of my crapstuff, I need to pack, I need to be able to get into the car park with moving van, which entails a call to the management company for a key or keypad code [the ex didn’t drive], I need to activate the ESB and NTL, I need to order [but not pay for] a new fridge freezer and cooker and be there when they’re delivered, I need to coordinate couch suite swapping with my new landlady, I need to unpack and then I need to relax!

Sure nothing to it! And yes, I’ve already mentally decided where everything will go and what I need to get to put my own stamp on my new place! And I would think the Ex will be putting in an appearance at some stage, make sure I haven’t run out of milk or something…

Hindsight Is Wonderful

blonde-goth-21A post on another blog got me thinking today – credit where credit’s due, Lyndsay! This is a toughie though, what would you tell the 21 year old you if you were to meet her/ him? Some days I feel that so much has happened since I was 21 [which isn’t today or yesterday] and then other days I wonder what on earth I’ve been doing in the ahem, few years since I was that age.

The first thing I would tell her is – and I’m so annoyed that I’m using a classic ‘Mammy’ line – time doesn’t stand still and that it won’t be that long before before you consider yourself old[er] and wonder where all that time went. Aaaarrgghh how depressing! But, FFS, it’s true! So don’t sit on your arse procrastinating about what you’ll do when you grow up!

For me, my twenties were all about adjusting. Adjusting to life after college, adjusting to having a job and earning my own money, adjusting to the big, bad world – to use a terrible cliche. Some things you have to move on from. Some things you have to take a run and jump at, maybe with your eyes closed because it’s not something you actually want to do but you realise you can’t avoid. And also about adjusting to people outside of the cosy family scenario, working with people you don’t like, sharing a house with people that are initially strangers and getting used to the fact that they do things differently to how you do them.

Another thing I would say is to question when and why you feel comfortable with any given situations. Comfortable can be good, if it’s different to a situation you didn’t like but comfortable can be bad when you’re just plodding along, letting things pass you by. Comfortable was my downfall in my 20’s. I stayed with a guy too long and ‘wasted’ years and I stayed in a particular job too long as well. I’m not going to say I regret either as I learned a lot about both situations in hindsight and sure that’s the main thing, moving on and learning from mistakes!

Definitely I found that I’ve become happier within myself now that I’m a couple of years into my thirties. I’ve been through shitty times and really shitty times but have come out the other end. Sometimes you really have to put everyone else aside and concentrate on looking after number one.

Which stems from my next point of picking and choosing your friends. In college you’re in a big gang, that gets smaller after college and gets smaller again as people move away with jobs etc but there comes a time when you have to realise that you’re not still in the school playground. There will always be a loudmouth bully who dictates what you do as a group and where you go as a group – sidle up to the person you really like hanging out with, the one who makes you smile and who you form a really good friendship with and let the others do whatever they like. When you have a bit of money it’s always great to be part of the cool gang but they won’t be on the end of the phone when you’ve a broken heart and won’t care if you’re struggling to pay your rent.

Accept that people are different. There’ll always be someone that lands a fantastic job, always someone that seems to jump from one perfect relationship to another. There’ll always be someone with more money than you and there’ll always be someone that has less money than you. There’ll always be people you don’t like and there’ll always be people you envy. Accepting your lot in life isn’t easy but when you do, the smiling makes up for anything you think you may have missed out on.

My final point would be to say that if you’re sad or lonely or just not happy, the only person that can really do anything about it is you. Therapy can be great, getting someone else to help you see things another way, having friends to listen to you and suggest how you could change things. But when it comes down to it, you have to get yourself out of the hole, decide to pick yourself up, get on with things and do them for you alone. Having friends and lovers to share your days with is fantastic and if they really love you the dark nights will become shorter and shorter. So don’t have regrets, they’ll eat away at you, just live your own life and make the most of it.

Face Value

blonde-goth-21You’re reading this because I like to write and so I started this blog. Most of it is of a kinda personal nature, other bits and pieces aren’t, they’re maybe news items or beauty product reviews etc. I’ve been very flattered by the amount of people that read this blog and for the many, many comments and I hope you continue to visit here. But and here’s the thing, you and I chat about lots of different things, my opinion, my relaying something that happened, you commenting in reply, it’s quite easy really so let’s stay friends cos I’d love if you kept visiting!

 So, it’s a nice little thing we have going, me and you. It works! I start a conversation, you chip in a few words if you’re so inclined and we wake up tomorrow and do it all again. When you’re not here you have your own life, that I know and that I get. I don’t demand when you visit, I just like when you do! And equally, if I don’t want to talk about something, I don’t, if I want your opinion, I’ll ask and I can happily rely on your support. If I felt like you absolutely needed to know what I’m up to every minute of every day, well, you’d be following me via Twitter. But the thing is, I’m not a Twitterer, I’ve never written a Tweet and I won’t be either. I just don’t see the point. And I don’t follow anyone else’s Tweets either. If I want to know what any of my friends are up to I’ll text or ring them and ask to meet for a drink. And as for following the Twitterings of whatever celebrity, hello? what is all that about – it’s almost like an acceptable form of stalkingand really, really, why would you bother? If you don’t know this person IRL so to speak, why would you want to know that it’s sunny where they are on the other side of the world? Or that they’ve just had great fish & chips? Or indeed anything to do with their bodily functions?

A while ago I succumbedto Facebook, after a number of people asking if I was on it and then a friend that’d moved back to New Zealand saying it’d be the best way [ie cheapest!] to keep in touch, I decided to sign up. I’ve a pic up, just the one, taken a few years ago and it’s more about the signpost in the background rather than being able to recognise me [I’m also wearing sunnies] and I filled in a bit of the profile-y type stuff. I requested to be friends with those that had been asking me to sign up and accepted more friend requests within a few weeks. I don’t find Facebookthe best thing since sliced bread. I find a lot of the ‘What are you doing’ type posts very mundane, cringe inducing and don’t bother clicking into music or group postings that other put up. The odd time I’ll do a quiz one of my ‘friends’ has done and compare results – if I really have nothing better to do. And what is it with people putting so many pix up on their profile? Really?! A few people I’m friends with literally have hundred’s of photos of themselves on view. Hundreds! Talk about vanity… Get over yourselves!!

I did ponder for a bit when I got requests to be friends with the brother of and the cousin of a girl I used to be very good friends with. Then I got a request from her as well. Continue reading

Where Is My Mind?

*Deep Breath* Where IS  my mind these days? My head is so full of stuff that I only seem to get some time to think about, y’know, important stuff when my head hits the pillow – and even then my absolute need to read from whatever engaging book I’m trawling through will halt the thought process for a bit – it’s no time at all before I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and I’m asleep with none of the days problems sorted. Or perhaps having not fully mapped out potential ‘stuff’.

I really need to get my hair cut and I’m thinking of trying a new hard to get appointment at salon, so when should I book it for and how far in advance, seeing as my plans change daily? Fizzy should really have that operation on her tooth soon, it’s no a biggie but a few months back the vet advised her to have it within a few-ish months – Lord! An operation, how much will that cost? A couple of hundred that I don’t have right now? BTW – where is all my money going? Why do I still feel like McSmile is going to drop a ‘You’re Dumped’ bombshell – even though he told me last week he didn’t want to break up with me. I feel bad that a good friend of mine is recently single and not working at the moment – but it’s quite difficult to arrange to meet him, I should try and fix that. I’m not fit – sure I’ve gone swimming for the last 2 nights, doing 2000m in total but that’s nowhere near what I should be doing. What’s going to happen to the new kittens that the stray-ish Mammy cat that lives in my sister’s garden – my sis is very attached to them already. We had a really great day in work today, lots of money came in while we were all in a meeting – but tomorrow could be full of cancellations and that means lots of silence except for general sighing in the office. I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked a meal, bar throwing a pizza into the oven, in my place, I’m really over there to grab clothes, shower/ wash hair, my rent is cheap enough to say that I’m paying for ‘general storage’ of my stuff – but this can’t go on indefinitely, living between 3 places but I’m not moving into parents nor McSmile’s on a permanent basis, no siree! Am I getting itchy feet again? I feel like I could up sticks again, some kind of job or volunteer type job with a place to stay etc, could tempt me no matter what part of the world. I’ve been going on about losing weight for a bit now, I just need to lose maybe half a stone, lose the old ‘muffin top’ and I’d be happy – or would I? Am I focusing on losing weight cos I’m not dealing with other stuff head on? Bollix – I really want to buy that new Dior eyeshadow palette but I think it’s 2 pay days away. Earlier my Dad casually said how he had to go to the hospital tomorrow for blood tests – they’ve found nothing so far [he’s been having a general check up for a few months now, monitoring etc] and these are genuinely just routine, he’s just back from playing a game of tennis for God’s sake, but I’m still worried. And Mom’s back is very sore today – why? No idea, it just happened. I’m still pissed off that My Other Dad and The Glamorous Blonde said they don’t like McSmile – so what do I do about the Galway Races? I normally stay in their house. Trying to book a hotel or even a fecking mattress with a bit of shelter and running water is hard at this time of the year, everything’s so booked up. And I want to go to the races, me and McSmile can do our own thing and just meet up with the gang whenever. Well at least it looks like he’s getting his job contract renewed – so there isn’t as much chance of him skipping the country now – his plan should he be let go here. I still have to organise a feckin’ smear test – I haven’t had one in ages. And there was that raised mole that appeared on my back that I got checked out – I got the all clear for that at least *phew*.

Is it time for bed yet? Or time for a thought-erasing cocktail, at least?

Winner Takes It All

euro-money-notesRevenge is sweet and best served cold. I’ve just managed to gain revenge on one of the most loathsome people I have ever met and when it happened it was served ice, ice cold Baby!

I’ll refer you back to this day. An ordeal that I was really, really dreading. I knew my ex employer was going to play dirty and boy did he scrape the bottom of the barrel, lowering himself to ridiculous levels in the process. He showed himself up for the nasty, petulant little bully that he really is – not the worldy, flashy entrepreneur he thinks he is. I say ex employer as that’s how I’d choose to describe him if I had to be polite about things, there isn’t enough time in one day to describe him how I’d really describe him. There was, let’s say, a difference of opinion between us, an altercation of quite large proportions. I ended up leaving the company and he thought he was well within his rights to trample all over me and pass judgement in one foul swoop. I bet he thought again when he was called to a Labour Relations Commission hearing.

His argument was, truth be told, laughable [and indeed myself and my other Dad were at pains not to laugh during the hearing at some of the petty incidences he brought up]. It should’ve been over in approximately 10 minutes, even taking into account the formalities. A lack of certain procedures were established within the first five minutes of the hearing yet he proceeded to argue his case, even after straight off admitting his errors, for another hour and a half! The Commissioner actually had difficulty getting him to stop! There was rejection after rejection of certain ‘pieces of evidence’ he brought forward and at one point he actually argued with the Commissioner – I mean loud voices, no backing down and a ‘I think you should sit down and relax’ from the Commissioner was issued more than once! Oh, he made a show of himself.

One of the most nasty things he did was ask former colleagues of mine to write letters stating grieviences they had with me over my time with the company! Imagine! You’re in a job, a colleague ends up leaving due to whatever circumstances, it’s nothing to do with you and your boss then asks you to write a letter of vitriol against them to use in a tribunal type hearing! It was quite amazing the flair for the English language that the foreign girl I shared an office with had picked up in those months that passed between me leaving and the hearing. But surely words couldn’t have been put in her mouth by anyone else, put down on paper for her to sign? Also, think of the changes in the economy since last Summer and now – do you want to give your boss any excuse to ‘have to let you go’? I thought not, you’d sign anything he wanted you to if it meant keeping your job, right? What a nasty, little bully this guy is.

So, as expected, the decision went my way – YAY! – but it was still such a relief, such a relief when the letter came through. I was awarded a tidy sum of money and another wait began. This time to see how far this petulent little man would go, in other words, would he object to the decision. I was thinking that he may well do, just for the sake of it. He’d be a fool to, as that would mean going to a higher tribunal and lots, lots more money would be at stake and well, as I said, there were certain basic employment procedures that were not carried out that no end of arguing could ever change.

Last week I got a letter to say that my ex employer accepted the decision made and a cheque was included.

Can you see me smiling? I can’t take the grin off my face!