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Don’t Linger by the Lingerie

The mere word makes me shudder – ‘Lllliinnggeerrrrie’, ugh. Any man that thinks it might be a good idea to buy me some in the future had better be prepared for a bit of disappointment. The hearts & flowers, oh so alluring picture painted by many a fashion designer, hotel, restaurant, chocolate maker and match maker is, a load of complete rubbish.

The first time a man bought me lingerie I was 17, he was 18, mature for his age and a guy with expensive tastes. And clearly someone who was prepared to betray his studenty, goth, beer swilling roots. I arrived home from University for Christmas, the unopened present tucked under my arm as I was met at the train station by my parents and sister. After much berating I had no choice but to open the carefully wrapped, bow on top elephant in the room, well large box taking up half of the back seat of the car, truth be told.

I slid the lid off the box and was mesmerised when all I could see inside was cream silk and there wasn’t much of it. As I took the Camisole top out of the box by its two tiny, delicate straps my sister bellowed to ‘Look, oh my God! There’s knickers as well!’, my mother’s face was one of pure horror and when my father turned to see what was going on he nearly crashed the car. My mother took me aside later on to that while the present was very beautiful, she wondered how my boyfriend knew where to buy such eh, items. She also said that my father had never bought her ‘anything like that’ and he wouldn’t have a clue how to go about it. You read that I was 17, right? Absolute mortification.

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Konj Wha?

Konjac. Konjac sponge. No silly, not as in Victoria or Cream, as in to sponge to clean your skin with! I will admit that this was a new one on me but readers, I’m loving my Konjac Sponge! I was surprised with this as a present recently and immediately the beauty buff [geddit?] in me wanted to know what it was, what it did, how did it do it and why didn’t I know about this little piece of fabulousness before!

This sponge is made from vegetable root and is an entirely natural product, mine has the added benefit of French red clay – which is particularly good for tired or dehydrated skin. So what does it do? It’s slightly alkaline so it counters any acid on your skin [such as general grime or oil], removing it and restoring a neutral pH which can be very soothing on sensitive or skin prone to breakouts. It also works to exfoliate the skin and this is always good – getting rid of old, dead cells leaving a fresh feel and encouraging skin renewal. Once you run the sponge under warm water to rehydrate it, all you do is use a gentle circular motion to lightly massage your face, when finished just set it down, mine is hanging from the shower head via the very handy string attached.

It’s hard to describe how the sponge feels, but it’s so soft on damp skin it’s almost as though you can just feel all the yucky stuff been swept clean away! It’s definately hydrating and in an instant skin will feel ‘zingy’ as a lovely protective film is laid down. You can use the sponge simply with water or an additional cleanser [but you’ll need far less cleaner than you’d normally use] and non foaming cleansers are recommended. I for one am delighted with my little piece of Japan that won’t even cost you a tenner, me likey a lot!

Get your Konjac sponge here from the fantastic IRISH beauty store,

Results of Mythical Proportions

My hair. Oh my flippin hair. It’s thick, dry and ahem, a bit overprocessed. It’s always been unruly and more akin to tamed straw as over the years I’ve tried to be the one in control. I envy those people that can leave their hair dry naturally after washing with any old shampoo and conditioner and the result is supple, shiny locks that flow in straight lines. Really envy them 😦

I’ve been very good for a number of years, trying my best to reason with my hair based on the ‘I’ll treat you right if you return the favour’ type argument and so I left supermarket brands behind and entered the whole arena of designer cremes and serums. With great results, I have to say! But nothing lasts forever, much as you might be the last to trudge from the best party you’ve ever been to or said goodbye to that love you know you have to leave in the past.

I haven’t abandoned my lovely Aveda and yes, I became a Moroccan Oil convert (ignoring the fact that this is in fact an Israeli produced saviour, hair over politics under time of woe is what I say!) but what to do when all these expensive products run out at the same time and you’re hedging your bets with the end of a cheap shampoo and scrimping on the spendy conditioner?

I’m going to simply tell you that if you need something to tame your unruly locks, look no further than new L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil. This 125ml bottle of fabulousness may just change your life! Enriched with a blend of avocado and grape seed oil, a few drops of this miracle will transform your hair. Run through damp hair, you’ll notice this difference every time you use it. Even my hair became a luscious mane of the softest, most supple and shiny hair I’ve ever had. And remember, blonde hair is hard to get a shine from, I can only imagine the blinding sheen it will give darker hair.

And the best bit? Well, for close to one third of the price of Moroccan Oil, in my opinion you get a similar if not better result. 125ml will set you back only €13.90 from L’Oreal Professionnel salons. Now, I did have a bit of a job to track this baby down in Dublin city centre but I found it in Ultimate Hair & Beauty in the GPO Arcade. Phone L’Oreal on 01 604 5910.


Ring of Fear

In order to understand where the basis of this post may lie, you have to know that I recently had a bit of a fling with a younger guy. Much younger. Like 10 years younger.

In my dream, there was me, him and a few randomers, the way random people that don’t even know each other or a girl you were in primary school with and haven’t seen in 20 years pop up in dreams.  And there was a house, a wooden house with a lot of staircases. There didn’t seem to be much chatting but I was definitely agitated.  Someone told me about the theory of rooms and what they symbolise in dreams (different rooms are different areas of your life, surprise surprise and what happens in each are a reflection of what’s going on in your life at the time *yawn*) and perhaps this is why I got the wake up call I needed, no pun intended. This younger guy suddenly appeared in the dream, in the house and he wanted to talk to me. He told me that it was me he wanted.

At this point dear readers, I should point out that in real life this guy has a girlfriend of a couple of months. Judge if you will, but remember, it’s me that’s single, not him and so I should be able to do as I please without threat of the gallows or worse still doomed to spend eternity in Krystle nightclub. And it was a flingette if you will, and we’ve all had those. He seemed very genuine about choosing me over his girlfriend and then got upset. He was going to tell her about us but was dreading it. He apologised he hadn’t told her sooner and then he kissed me. All was going well. Exactly what happened next, I’m not sure but I do remember it was me and my Mom talking in the kitchen and I was all flustered.

‘Look at it! LOOK! OMG! It’s a flipping oval ruby on a gold band engagement ring! Gold! A Ruby! O-V-A-L   R-U-B-Y! Gold! Gah!

Well, if he thinks that’s the type of ring I’d like, well, I’m not sure if he knows me at all! And I DO NOT want to be with a guy that doesn’t know me!’

At that exact point I woke up with a fright. Jesus, Mary and St Joseph! That ring was hideous! Maybe I should turn my attention to single guys only or at least those with good taste in jewellery.

The Female Lynx Effect

Tough times unfortunately mean tough beauty choices for us girlies. Ugh, we’ve all been there. One that I found myself in was being ‘perfumeless’. I don’t think I’ve ever bought perfume for myself, I mean I would, but I usually get some duty free in lieu of cat sitting and have a constant supply. But I found myself without my favourite for ages and I had other pressing lotions and potions that had to take presidence.

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Masque Over Me

illamasquaOooo I do love trying out a new make up brand! I was vey, vey excited a few months back when I heard that Illamasqua was launching in BT2. Illamasqua is make up that’s definitely not for the faint hearted! It’s for girls [and brave boys!] who love a bit of drama, something a bit risque, something quite unique and who demand bloody good quality in their make up! Now, I mentioned drama and Illamasqua is all about the dramatic. Once you go onto the website, you’ll be under no illusion that this is more than ‘mere’ make up for the masses, it’s ‘Showtime Make Up’. Taking inspiration from the ‘dark and illicit club scene of the 1920’s.. and members of the alternative scene for whom self expression was paramount.. it also combines a rich heritage in make up for Film & TV’.

What I do love is that each range makes a fierce statement, for instance ‘Bite – for lips that are intense and arresting.. lips that speak volumes’; ‘Scratch – for nails that say you are in control’; ‘Pierce – for eyes that reveal the inner person.. expressive yet mysterious’. And the website is just stunning and there is so much info on it! Everything from the full range of products and accessories to a blog section, latest news, loads of video tutorials and how to’s and even the biogs of the Art Team are interesting.

But what’s the make up actually like?! Well, colourful is one way to describe it. Deliciously inviting is another! All lined up on a solid black counter, their twinkly, shimmery hues just begging to be picked up and slathered on… but I digress. My first purchase of Illamasqua was a lipstick and a lip gloss. The lipstick is ‘Underworld’, a fabulously rich, jewel colour with a slight bluey tint – I get many compliments on this lipstick, which lasts and lasts by the way and it really makes a statement. I also bought ‘Indulge’ part of the ‘Intense Lipgloss’ range which while creamy is shiny, there’s a bit of texture to it so you can wear it on its own. There’s also a range of more sheer lipglosses but you will get more colour in the ‘Intense’ range.

dystopia paletteMore recently, I purchased from the latest range, Dystopia. the 4-colour palette in purple is right up my street! The white base has a hint of glitter and shimmer, as does the black shading eyeshadow. The purples are matt and very much stand alone colours if you’re more into block colours on your eyes, which I am but as you would expect, work great together as well. Again, the staying power is great, you won’t get any budging of this stuff until you, eh, actually remember to take it off!

I also bought ‘Explode’, an unusual sheer lipgloss that is a bright pinky colour on its own but it’s designed to add depth over any lipstick or gloss, which it duly does – a dab in the centre of your lips will add a new dimension to any colour!

explode lip gloss

Priced in the MAC range, with the palette above costing €35 and lipsticks and lip glosses under €20, Illamasqua is available at BT2 on Grafton St and for online purchasing here.

Impulse Purchase

impulse, romantic sparkThis took me back. Remember when you were a teenager and started wearing deodourant? You had to slip it into the trolly in the supermarket when in Dunnes or Quinnsworth when your Dad had decided to do the weekly shop. And then there was always ‘posh’ cans of Impulse on the supermarket shelf beside the deodourant; Impulse being a body spray that technically you didn’t need but someone in your class always used it and was the same wan that was allowed use her Mom’s very grown up perfume as well, as opposed to the one bottle of Anais Anais you got from a very progressive Aunt at Christmas that you’d been ‘saving’ to use until you were allowed go to the local disco.

I wasn’t an Impulse girl. My younger sister was though and it was something I would notice her wearing by the sweet smell that would waft from her bedroom when I was home from college for the weekend.

Now that I’m nearly grown up though, I’ve become an Impulse girl! I commute quite a bit for work and weatherwise it’s been very heavy and humid lately. I just thought I needed something to be able to freshen up a bit during the day. I saw this on the Irish beauty reference point for many girls, and was quite intrigued. And so I got to try it out for myself, the verdict – it’s really nice! It has a very delicate but inviting smell. The main ingredients are white wood and wild violet roses no less and is called ‘Romantic Spark’. I would think it’s one of those fragrances that prompts a lot of ‘Oh, that’s lovely! What is it?’ type questions! You will definitely be surprised by this – it’s a lot different to the Impulse fragrances of old – it was developed by Anne Gottlieb, who works for Givaudan who are one of the biggest fragrance houses in the world. And if you don’t believe me, she has worked on scents for Calvin Klein, Caroline Herrera and on Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Covet’ perfume!

Impulse Romantic Spark is available in chemists and supermarkets, RRP €3.59