Konj Wha?

Konjac. Konjac sponge. No silly, not as in Victoria or Cream, as in to sponge to clean your skin with! I will admit that this was a new one on me but readers, I’m loving my Konjac Sponge! I was surprised with this as a present recently and immediately the beauty buff [geddit?] in me wanted to know what it was, what it did, how did it do it and why didn’t I know about this little piece of fabulousness before!

This sponge is made from vegetable root and is an entirely natural product, mine has the added benefit of French red clay – which is particularly good for tired or dehydrated skin. So what does it do? It’s slightly alkaline so it counters any acid on your skin [such as general grime or oil], removing it and restoring a neutral pH which can be very soothing on sensitive or skin prone to breakouts. It also works to exfoliate the skin and this is always good – getting rid of old, dead cells leaving a fresh feel and encouraging skin renewal. Once you run the sponge under warm water to rehydrate it, all you do is use a gentle circular motion to lightly massage your face, when finished just set it down, mine is hanging from the shower head via the very handy string attached.

It’s hard to describe how the sponge feels, but it’s so soft on damp skin it’s almost as though you can just feel all the yucky stuff been swept clean away! It’s definately hydrating and in an instant skin will feel ‘zingy’ as a lovely protective film is laid down. You can use the sponge simply with water or an additional cleanser [but you’ll need far less cleaner than you’d normally use] and non foaming cleansers are recommended. I for one am delighted with my little piece of Japan that won’t even cost you a tenner, me likey a lot!

Get your Konjac sponge here from the fantastic IRISH beauty store, www.misebeauty.com

4 responses to “Konj Wha?

  1. I am defo going to order one of these. yay,x

  2. Done.,,,and now we wait!x

  3. would I lie to you?! 🙂

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