Results of Mythical Proportions

My hair. Oh my flippin hair. It’s thick, dry and ahem, a bit overprocessed. It’s always been unruly and more akin to tamed straw as over the years I’ve tried to be the one in control. I envy those people that can leave their hair dry naturally after washing with any old shampoo and conditioner and the result is supple, shiny locks that flow in straight lines. Really envy them 😦

I’ve been very good for a number of years, trying my best to reason with my hair based on the ‘I’ll treat you right if you return the favour’ type argument and so I left supermarket brands behind and entered the whole arena of designer cremes and serums. With great results, I have to say! But nothing lasts forever, much as you might be the last to trudge from the best party you’ve ever been to or said goodbye to that love you know you have to leave in the past.

I haven’t abandoned my lovely Aveda and yes, I became a Moroccan Oil convert (ignoring the fact that this is in fact an Israeli produced saviour, hair over politics under time of woe is what I say!) but what to do when all these expensive products run out at the same time and you’re hedging your bets with the end of a cheap shampoo and scrimping on the spendy conditioner?

I’m going to simply tell you that if you need something to tame your unruly locks, look no further than new L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil. This 125ml bottle of fabulousness may just change your life! Enriched with a blend of avocado and grape seed oil, a few drops of this miracle will transform your hair. Run through damp hair, you’ll notice this difference every time you use it. Even my hair became a luscious mane of the softest, most supple and shiny hair I’ve ever had. And remember, blonde hair is hard to get a shine from, I can only imagine the blinding sheen it will give darker hair.

And the best bit? Well, for close to one third of the price of Moroccan Oil, in my opinion you get a similar if not better result. 125ml will set you back only €13.90 from L’Oreal Professionnel salons. Now, I did have a bit of a job to track this baby down in Dublin city centre but I found it in Ultimate Hair & Beauty in the GPO Arcade. Phone L’Oreal on 01 604 5910.



One response to “Results of Mythical Proportions

  1. I’ll have a look for that whilst i’m having a schniff of the perfume!! My hair has an insane craziness going on the last while!x

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