The Female Lynx Effect

Tough times unfortunately mean tough beauty choices for us girlies. Ugh, we’ve all been there. One that I found myself in was being ‘perfumeless’. I don’t think I’ve ever bought perfume for myself, I mean I would, but I usually get some duty free in lieu of cat sitting and have a constant supply. But I found myself without my favourite for ages and I had other pressing lotions and potions that had to take presidence.

Big mistake. I recently took charge of that perfume again and even upon opening the box I found myself wafting into its headiness, immediately wondering why it had been so long! One spray and I could feel it’s velvet femaleness enveloping me again. and I wasn’t the only one that was lured by the dulcet notes. This perfume has the power!

A 26 year old guy I know grabbed my shoulders just as he was about to kiss me on the cheek, ‘Wow! You smell real purdy!’, the perfume obviously catapulting him into American rodeo type masculinity. I walked over to two guys I know, who were in the same group I’d just joined. The attractive mid 30’s Aussie took a step back and in a typically retiring mode announced to the room that he loved whatever perfume I was wearing before turning to catch the eye of the other guy, mid 40’s and of the shy and retiring type. They both paused and then the older guy laughed n said ‘Jaysus, ye smell gorgeous but don’t come too close or my wife will definitely think I’m up to no good!’. The following day I was delighted to get a phone call from a mid 30’s guy friend, very different to the guys I’ve just mentioned, a bit too cool for school, considers himself a bit of a hipster but a good guy all the same, he offered to give me a lift as we were both heading to the same place. I stepped into his car and he paused as he went to turn on the ignition. ‘I remember that smell. Oh yes… ‘ and with a grin he pushed his aviators back into place and we sped off.

I was merely in the Spar at the bottom of my street just yesterday and the guy behind me  in the queue started to get a little too close for comfort. I had to step aside as I paid for my stuff as he literally was breathing down my neck. I stretched my hand out for my change and as his milk and teabags poured onto the shop counter there was a very loud, ‘Jesus Girl! That’s a fabulous perfume. Gorgeous!’Now, I didn’t hang around to see what he actually looked liked and my spidey-sense told me he was considerably older than me, but it goes to prove that this perfume seems to have a similar effect on men of all ages. Ah yes, it’s good to have you back.. Meow.


2 responses to “The Female Lynx Effect

  1. Swit swoo GK 😉

  2. You’re back, properly hurrah. Now I’m going to have to drag the bebbies into a chemist for a schniff of this marvloooos potion!!x

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