It’s Me, I’m Deffo Back!

Yes. It’s been far too long. I know. Blame ‘Things and Stuff’.

And there has most definitely been lots of things and stuff going on. Now don’t be silly and think that I’ve won the lotto or become CEO of the most fantastic company in the world, or gone and ‘unsingled’ myself – like any of that would ever happen! No, no, just things and stuff, I’ll explain.

Maybe a big reason why I got distracted from putting my musings up here for all to see was that I had to focus on having a regular income so I could do things like pay my rent and feed myself. Yes. The reality being that when I last wrote a post here I had just been put on a three day week in work. Well, I agreed to a three day salary but worked Monday to Friday as normal to try and keep the company afloat. Then a few months after that I was told that my salary was going to be cut again. At that stage the ‘salary’ I was on was a joke but I didn’t have much of a choice. Then quite unbelievably I found myself on commission only and there was just no point not ploughing all my efforts into looking for another job, I’d been looking for the previous few months anyway.

So then I was officially unemployed. That was fun. Not. I was able to compare notes with a lot of people though! I wasn’t happy and I was very worried about keeping a roof over my head but I kind of floated through it. I tuned out after a while listening to other people’s tales of woe, simply because I had my own. I only had myself to rely upon. People in relationships simply don’t get what it’s truly like to not have a certain safety net, whether it’s money that’s you haven’t earned yourself or a shoulder that has to be there for extra support. It took a while but I finally became employed again. There’s no way of dressing it up, I’m now doing a job I don’t like. I’m totally overqualified for it and it’s pathetically underpaying but I’m grateful that it means I know my rent will be paid.

Enough wallowing. Now the good stuff! I actually also have a second job now! It’s part time, a few evenings a week and it’s a total antidote to my dull as dishwater, much hated 9-5! I’ve met loads of new people, I’ve a whole new social scene and I just love it! And it’s so me as well! I might as well go the whole hog and put it out there that I really don’t understand how any of my colleagues in the 9-5 can be happy with where they work. It’s pedestrian at best, mindnumbingly torturous at worst. I see every minute pass by while staring at my screen, willing 5pm to make an appearance. So, I could also say that it’s my part time job that gets me through the 9-5 and that’s fine by me. For now.. I plan on sorting out another 9-5 in the not too distant future. 

I thought I used to be very career focussed. But truth be known, I’ve never found ‘a career’ that I’ve really wanted, really wanted to put before anything else, really believed in. I know what I’m good at, I know that I can do a lot of things better than a lot of people can but the two haven’t yet found each other. But I do enjoy being me. Does that sound conceited? I hope not, it’s not meant to. I guess I’ve learnt a lot about myself by taking the time to do so – and I’m not sure enough people do that. I’ve done the soul searching. I’ve done the long, hard look at myself. I’ve thought about where I fit into certain situations, what the result of certain interactions are and most of all, I know that I can rely on myself, I know who I am.

A bit cheesy? Maybe. But some things matter more than others and I think I’ve worked out what a lot of them are. I’ve got brilliant friends and sometimes I think I’m one of the Waltons when others talk about their none too great family relationships. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’d love more money, we all would but that aside, I’m not crying into a bottle of vino lamenting my solo status either – I’m still having too much fun to do that! I love where I live, right in the middle of a very buzzy city. I’ll pay the credit card off at some point, whenever. A few doors have opened for me recently and I’m certainly going to walk, maybe run through them. And the people that have opened them for me have done so because they wanted to, for me. No three rounds of interviews, no contract negotiations to make the UN blush but just because they’ve gotten to know me and that seemed good enough for them! That’s ok, isn’t it? About time I reckon, lol.

So, you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned any significant male have you? Well, I did say I’m still single, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few stories for you. All in good time my Pretties, all in good time.


7 responses to “It’s Me, I’m Deffo Back!

  1. It’s good to have you back GK 🙂

  2. I was wondering recently where you had gone to .. nice to see you back!!

  3. Look! It’s you! It’s really you! Welcome back to the interwebz my darling. It’s been a dull place without Glitter. Now are you going to tell us about this fabby part-time gig you’ve got? x

  4. Le grande sigh. Yay you’re back bebe. xx

  5. YAy you’re back!!

  6. *waves* HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO baby. Missed you heaps. Welcome back xxxxx

  7. thanks for that missy! it’s good to be back!

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