RIP Fizzy – Our Little VIP

Fizzy2Fizzy died at home yesterday. She was nearly 13 – a great age! Last Friday Fizzy wasn’t at all well and very quickly became quite weak. Our vet couldn’t diagnose exactly what the problem was there and then, prescribed some medication and wanted to see her again within a few days. Fizzy ate a little ham on Saturday but was having difficulty keeping anything down. Over the weekend she didn’t improve and by Monday it wasn’t looking good. We really don’t think she was in pain, maybe a bit uncomfortable. She wasn’t able to eat properly again. My Mom was on duty around the clock [Fizzy lived with her] and with a heavy heart told me that she didn’t think Fizzy would make it. An hour before she was due to go back to the vet, Fizzy let out a cry and breathed her last. Mom was with her, stroking her fur and talking to her. She left a voicemail for our vet a while later to let him know Fizzy hadn’t made it and he rang back within minutes to sympathise, as he’s that type of vet.

Fizzy was a lovely cat, had her funny little ways, the things she did that none of out other cats ever did, things she liked and things she didn’t. Fizzy loved being stroked between her shoulder blades. She loved- and was quite smug about having – her own chair in the sitting room, complete with fleecy blanket. She was a real little rufty tufty and although small, well able to chase away cats and dogs that had strayed onto her patch! Fizzy loved sitting in sunbeams in the bathroom and was partial to roast lamb and pork and white cheese, not red cheddar but white cheddar although she was still happy to get her ears ruffled and a handful of Go-Cat. She also gave Molly short shrift if she got too close, Molly the Boldie would tip her tail, wanting Fizzy to join in and play – Fizzy was the matriarch, the boss, well able for Molly’s antics and only one of them ever gave in and walked away with her tail between her legs. Fizzy was in awe of the real boss though – she’d sit for hours on my Mom’s knee, just staring up at her, quite content. They also used to have breakfast in bed together – I know! – Fizzy would toddle in from  garage and both of them would wait for Dad to bring up breakfast, Fizzy polishing off any milk Mom hadn’t put on her cornflakes! 

It’s funny how attached you get, how attached we as a family have got to numerous pets over the years. And we wouldn’t be without them.


8 responses to “RIP Fizzy – Our Little VIP

  1. what a lovely post. your mum must be soooo upset. you can’t help but love pets can you. i don’t know what i’d do without the pupster, he’s so much a part of our little family. fizzy had a great life and you should all be proud of that. i send you hugs. xxx

  2. What a smashing post! xx

  3. RIP Fizzy xxxx

    Gkitty – How is your mam and Molly doing?

  4. aw.. thanks..
    sure we’re all still a bit upset..

    it’s hard to explain to molly.. she was sitting on fizzy’s grave for a while yesterday and she came up to mom for breakfast as well, which she’s never done before! she def misses her pal.. but molly knows that she’s loved as well

  5. awh GK sorry to hear about Fizzy, thats awful! our dog is about 13yrs old & I dread the day I get the phonecall from home telling me he’s around no more. hope your mum is ok.. xx

  6. Hi Glitterkitty, so sorry to hear that about your cat, I know exactly what you’re feeling because our dog died almost 4 weeks ago. We had her 13 years too. She was the biggest daftest eejit out but we loved her so much and miss her now too.

  7. thanks dorothy.. so sorry to hear about your little dog.. they leave a big gap, don’t they *sigh*

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