I Know…

… that I’ve been fairly crap at updating Glitter See Glitter Do over the past fornight or so. I know! I’ve been really lax. See the thing is, that when I moved into my new place, it seemed that every day there was something I was trying to track down. If it wasn’t a lightshade or a cushion of just the right colour, it was side plates or a new lasagne dish. And then there’s all the time I’ve been spending staring like a loon at  looking after the tinys, making sure they were settling in ok. Rest assured though, normal working order will be resumed shortly!

One thing, you’ll just have to wait a little longer til I download the great pix of the tinys I have in their new pad – I need to find the camera software and install it on this laptop – but it’ll be worth the wait! I promise! Meow over and out!


2 responses to “I Know…

  1. afternoon. i know exactly what you mean. i spent twenty minutes looking for a hair bobbin this morning. thank god pupster found them first and started chewing them..i’d still be looking. you take your time, we’ll still be here!xxx

  2. We certainly will!

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