Can I Tempt You With… ?

For the past two nights I’ve been risking life and limb to stay alive. Ok, that’s not strictly true but I have been taking a risk by giving in to one of my all time favourite pastimes, eating Jelly Snakes. Jelly Snakes are quite possibly, the most fab, sugar filled, cute yet probably evil, gelatinous creations ever well, created! I had to take a break from eating Jelly Snakes a few months ago. There was a ‘2 For 1’ promotion on in practically every shop I was going into including all the supermarkets and I was stuffing myself silly with bags of, not singular, Jelly Snakes. I knew I was in trouble and so tried to fob them off in a rush of guilt to people in work after I’d purchased.. only to buy more on the way home.

And then I came out in weird hives on my arms and chest. They remined me of the time I was 5 and I came out in hives after eating a whole punnet of strawberries in one go and a few months after that I came out in hives again when I ate half a box of Sugar Puffs – so it wasn’t that hard to put two and two together and blame the Jelly Snake sugar mountain on why I’d suddenly come out in hives again. So, I had to stop eating Jelly Snakes.

This week the same promotion was on again in my local supermarket and I was just too weak to resist. I munched my way through a packet on Wednesday night and then again last night. Oh the shame of not being able to resist chewy, gooey coloured sugar. But no more! I can be that person that will walk past the Jelly Snake point-of-sale- stand! And sure while dreaming of Jelly Snakes [probably] I remembered this little jpeg that popped into my Inbox a while ago;

gummi bears

‘If this is what happens to a Gummi Bear after sitting in water for 24hrs – imagine what would happen if you put it in vodka!’

Oh I think I have an idea for ‘snacks’ at my housewarming party!


2 responses to “Can I Tempt You With… ?

  1. Oh I am so doing that!!!

    I currently have a haribo problem…they’re €1 for the big bags of them in dunnes…and I cannot stop eating them!

  2. lol. love it. we eat loads of sweets in my house and not a child in sight!x

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