And They’re Off!

horsesGlitter is taking a trek out West for a few days – I’m off to Galway Raceweek! I love going racing! Mind, I have to admit, over the last two years I didn’t so much as make it out to Ballybrit, preferring to watch from the comfort of a seat in whatever pub over the few days. Sacrilege? Hmmm.. maybe, but if you’ve ever been on say Shop Street at 8pm on Ladies Day you’ll know that the combination of grass and loads of people can become a fairly muddy affair and I’ll take the craic and buzz around the city centre, see more of the racing close to a big screen over the battle that is getting to the bar or tote out at the racecourse. Oh, it’s not that the racing is incidental, it’s not, its just that there’s so much going on right across the city that it’s better to be in the thick of it, ready to hop to the next pub rather than spend ages waiting for a shuttle bus and then getting stuck in traffic.

I’m staying with friends, the bathroom thing each morning is fairly painless, even with a majority of females in the house and then there’s always a few drinks around the kitchen table when we all manage to get home late at night and that’s only either side of the great days. Oh I can’t wait! And sure I’ve met loads of people that live there now, those that are part of the gang. I’ve two frocks waiting to get their first airing, there’s a new handbag to swing over my shoulder and well, any excuse to climb into my skyscraper shoes!

I’m not even going to hazard a guess as to how much [read little] sleep I’ll be getting over the next few days and thankfully, I’ll have a few days to recover before going back to work.  What I do know is that I’m going to really enjoy myself!  See you next week.


2 responses to “And They’re Off!

  1. how exciting. have a great time, you deserve it. can’t wait for your tales when you get back.x

  2. Go crazy Lady! 🙂 Talk to you when you get back!

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