Impulse Purchase

impulse, romantic sparkThis took me back. Remember when you were a teenager and started wearing deodourant? You had to slip it into the trolly in the supermarket when in Dunnes or Quinnsworth when your Dad had decided to do the weekly shop. And then there was always ‘posh’ cans of Impulse on the supermarket shelf beside the deodourant; Impulse being a body spray that technically you didn’t need but someone in your class always used it and was the same wan that was allowed use her Mom’s very grown up perfume as well, as opposed to the one bottle of Anais Anais you got from a very progressive Aunt at Christmas that you’d been ‘saving’ to use until you were allowed go to the local disco.

I wasn’t an Impulse girl. My younger sister was though and it was something I would notice her wearing by the sweet smell that would waft from her bedroom when I was home from college for the weekend.

Now that I’m nearly grown up though, I’ve become an Impulse girl! I commute quite a bit for work and weatherwise it’s been very heavy and humid lately. I just thought I needed something to be able to freshen up a bit during the day. I saw this on the Irish beauty reference point for many girls, and was quite intrigued. And so I got to try it out for myself, the verdict – it’s really nice! It has a very delicate but inviting smell. The main ingredients are white wood and wild violet roses no less and is called ‘Romantic Spark’. I would think it’s one of those fragrances that prompts a lot of ‘Oh, that’s lovely! What is it?’ type questions! You will definitely be surprised by this – it’s a lot different to the Impulse fragrances of old – it was developed by Anne Gottlieb, who works for Givaudan who are one of the biggest fragrance houses in the world. And if you don’t believe me, she has worked on scents for Calvin Klein, Caroline Herrera and on Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Covet’ perfume!

Impulse Romantic Spark is available in chemists and supermarkets, RRP €3.59


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