Friday Fire

This is definitely the song for today! Myself and Limerick girl are going out tonight and tomorrow night – oh yes, the crayons and sparkles will be in hand for us to do a bit of town painting! Oh I love ‘Friday Feelings’! The whole anticipation keeps me going right throughout the hours at my desk before I can rush home and get into that LBD, throw on the DG leather jacket, climb into my 5inch Kurt Geigers and.. well.. who knows!

This song also came to mind as I was having an online chat with an old friend. We met in South Africa and had an absolute blast out on the piss in Cape Town for.. oh.. what was it? 1 week? 2? Just how many times did you change your flight home?! And she’s at the really exciting stage of having just met a new guy – oh the excitment! And if anyone can party, it’s her. Hehe… we’ll definitely have to be in the same country, same pub again soon, I should start putting energy aside for that weekend now! 

So, this is for Anja – go get him Tiger!


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