Ding Dong! Guess Who!

There are certain commercials that everyone remembers and even if you weren’t around in the 1960’s when Avon launched in the UK, you’re bound to have heard the iconic phrase, ‘Ding Dong, Avon Calling!’

avon ad 1959A copy of the latest Avon catalogue landed on my desk a few weeks ago. I was really impressed with the amount of products they have, the bang up to date make up colours [especially the eye shadow palettes] and the fabulous range of skincare lines for all ages. Then there’s jewellery, lingerie and haircare as well. I will definitely be ordering, once I can actually make up my mind what I want! There’s a nifty new ‘7 in 1’ lipstick, the SpectraColour, which allows you turn the dial and change the colour of your lipstick – from light and glossy daytime to dark and vampy nighttime in a range of pinks, lilacs or browns. And apparently the ‘Bust Firming Cream’ is great – according to the Brunette in the office. She asked if any of the rest of us had tried it, ‘I wish I had a need to’ was the exclamation from the Blonde… She ordered something else in the end!

The star of the very first UK TV advert was Faith Hines and she’s pulling out all the stops to try and find a copy of her starring role in the 1965 ad. I’m sure you’ve noticed the beautiful Reece Witherspoon in the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ ads and more recently there’s been a bevy of new Avon ladies gracing the small screen, all real life Avon representatives. It was actually this new campaign that prompted Faith to try and track down a copy of the original, she has a Facebook page and she’s on Twitter hoping someone can help find a long lost copy. Faith still looks great today in the video above, 50 years later! And she seems like the nice kind of lady that would thank you profusely for finding it too!

Faith’s Facebook page is here and her Twitter here


One response to “Ding Dong! Guess Who!

  1. i use avon all the time and i like it. even now when the door bell goes at home someone always shouts avon calling. lol.

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