Take That Shameless Girl Home!

Iosa Chriost people! Just watch this video [if you can turn on the sound, the comments are hilarious!], taken from someone’s apartment window in Glasgow, right beside where the recent Take That concert was taking place.

This wan is clearly plastered – oh watch her struggleto get those jeans back up *cringe* – and she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world! She clearly isn’t at all phased by the fact that she’s peeing up against a lampost with absolutely nothing to hide her considerable arse, there’s no cover, no semblance of anything to hide behind, she’s just peeing in full view of anyone walking past. Watch this for the sheer laugh out loud moment when she falls over and can barely get up! Oh. My. God.


2 responses to “Take That Shameless Girl Home!

  1. God, isn’t it classic?! A friend of mine went to their gig at Dublin and said it was ruined by tons of thirty-something Mums all completely pissed up and accompanied by cringing young girls!!

  2. good grief that’s horrendous.
    i was at their gig in croke park and it was fantastic. we didn’t drink, we waited until afterwards.
    i can’t get over that nutter. xx

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