OOoo Fancy Make Up Review!

Product #1: 076SkinNude227x297Fr.qxdGirlies, I’m all about finding things I like and sticking with them – well, if they ain’t broke and all that… So I would have to say that the majority of my make up is MAC and when it comes to foundation, I’ve been a MAC select fluid girl for years. I tried other brands but gave up looking when I found this, I thought I’d found my HG foundation [Holy Grail]. Then earlier this year I started to look around, call it a seven year make up itch. Every so often I was convinced I could see a slight tide line below my chin – the horror! – I’m so pale I’ve always struggled with matching colour, and maybe the odd patchy bit on my face after a while. So when the Dior Nude Hydrating Glow Make Up was launched earlier this year, my beady eyes had a new target! I was hovering around the Dior concession of one of the bigger department stores one day and decided to try it out. A bit on my hand to start off with as I’m totally allergic to SA’s coming at me with sponges or brushes, to check out the colour match and texture – both passed with flying colours. And then I made myself wait until I finished my bottle of MAC Select – recession or no recession, it was a long wait, I can tell you!

After the longest time, really, I went back to the Dior counter with a little Muji bottle in order to try it out properly and the nice SA gave me enough to do me for the weekend. Delighted I was. And then even more impressed after it got a going out Friday night trial run! The coverage of this foundation is described as ‘medium’ but I find that even though this is probably true versus stuff like EL Doublewear, the Dior Nude glides on and covers a multitude without needing to be heavy handed about the amount of product. And it really does glide on, the texture is great and it’s definitely hydrating, what with it being 40% water and then it’s also full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements – how could it not be good for you?

Colour match – yes [I’m a 010, the palest shade], Texture – yes, glides on and gives a lovely slightly dewy glow, Staying Power – yes, less frequent touch ups needed compared to the MAC Select, Coverage – yes, I’m happy it evens out my skin tone without looking like theatre make up, Price – no it’s €43!! Or you could just buy it in Sterlingland like I did for £26.50

Product #2: OK, it’s hard to describe, but when I saw this flashy little Dior number, I just had to have it! I genuinely think I was all caught up in the hardship of wanting the Nude foundation and couldn’t stop ogling Dior counters. Anyway. I’m not really a palette girl. I’ve 10’s of eyeshadows but they all tend to be single MAC ones – I’m quite fussy about what colours I put with my pale skin and grey green eyes. I think I may have the entire pink through to purple spectrum and a few navy/blacks thrown in for doing very dark smokey eyes. It’s just that I normally like 1 maybe 2 colours in a palette and it’d be a waste as the others would go untouched.

dior 5 colours navyBut now that I have my lovely Dior 5 colours design in ‘navy’, I can honestly say that I heart each colour in it! The white base does what it says on the tin, then the centre colour and the navy in the top left for shading  are what would be my staples. The centre colour is more purple than appears in the pic and as you’d expect, the staying power is great, just blend, blend, blend! The iridescent purple, top right is actually very sparkly! Nice for a little night time highlightling on the brow and in a first for Dior, the darkest colour, bottom right is actually a cream liner, not powder. You get those fiddly little sponges in the compact, ditch those for brushes that work but if you don’t have a good liner, there’s a flat brush included that does actually do the job, just don’t poke your eye out using it! And finally, wear this with an even bigger smile on your face if you can cleverly manage to purchase in Sterling where it’ll set you back £37 as opposed to €55.


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