Specs Appeal

specsavers compI wear glasses because, darn it, I’m short sighted, I need them! I was 9 when my teacher in school noticed I kept leaning over to read whatever the girl beside me was writing down from the blackboard – I’m guessing that I was also leaning over for a bit of a chat, but sure that’d hardly surprise you!

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting my eyes lasered, but I’m just a bit chicken and even though I know lots of people that have had it done, the smell of burning eye bits that has been confirmed to me is more than a little off putting!

I wear my glasses most days, contacts when I’m going out. I’ve never really minded wearing glasses, if I’m honest, and I’ve been told by many a male that I look good in glasses, so that’s hardly a bad thing! I couldn’t wear contacts all day in work, what with being glued to an old pc monitor and all. And the thing is, I’m a lot older now so would I really take anyone that took a pop at my for being a ‘speccy 4 eyes’ seriously anymore? He he, I’m laughing to myself as I haven’t even heard that for ages, let alone use it! Much more of a kids in the playground thing.

Stylist-Gok-Wan-001One person that got more than his fair share off the school bullies is Gok Wan – poor Gok was an overweight, speccy 4 eyes! Now as we all know, Gok has come out of his cocoon to become one of the most stylish and dare I say witty fashion bods around. Good old Gok – it’s been documented how unhappy he was with his weight and how he struggled to fit in – but he’s definitely come full circle and is easily in a position to stick two fingers up to the bullies as he sashays from place to place helping girlies with their wardrobe woes.

Now Gok is also teaming up with Specsavers and anti bullying charity Kidscape to launch the 2009, ‘Irish Spectacle Wearer of the Year’! Are you a trendy Triona that always keeps her specs to hand? A stylish Sinead? A natty Niamh? Or a very attractive Aoife that can’t do without your specs either? Enter the competition! The prizes are truly eye popping with a modelling contract, a photoshoot and a trip to Thailand and much more!

And, the gorgeous Gok will be in Dublin to judge the final! Now, how many times have you seen Gok transform a plain Jane into a fabulous Fiona and think that 5 minutes with him would lead to the biggest transformation since David Banner became The HulkCinderella  met her Fairy Godmother! I’ve often wondered how Gok would approach me, if he got his hands on my wardrobe so to speak! I don’t even know where he’d start [says she that can hear her Mother now saying ‘I don’t know why you insist on wearing so much black like all the time‘].

Would you like a Gok-over’? What do you think he’d reckon to your sense of style. And more importantly, if the tables were turned and you could put Gok on the spot, what would you ask him? Would you ask him which celebrity he fancies, who he think has the best sense of style or who he’s absolutely crying out to restyle? Or, you simply might like to know if he’s a boxers or briefs man. Put your questions to Gok here and you never know, that very question might be posed to Gok by yours truly when’s he’s in town!

Don’t forget the competition! Entries by 30th June, that’s a week’s time

Same goes for your questions to Gok, send them to me at the contact address, glitterseeglitterdo@yahoo.com


3 responses to “Specs Appeal

  1. now will you please get out of my head. i was discussing with my mum last night how Gok would tackle out wardrobes. lol. with my mum he’d be hanging her clothes up for about 7 years on that big ole washing line he does at the beginning.
    i love him, he’s fantastic. that’s a fabulous idea with the glasses. x

  2. he’d be about 10 years hanging up all my sister’s clothes!
    5 minutes with mine but then a liftime ‘advising’ what i should be buying!

  3. Karen Quinn

    Ooh Im a fellow spectacles wearer and always think I’d like to enter this competition when I see it advertised!
    I think we are eye-twins glitterkitty as i am also short sighted, wear the specs to work but contacts for heading out and weekends.

    My current glasses are my favorite ever as after years of searching I finally found purple half-rimmed slightly pointed 50’s style ones. they are perfectly subtle for work but have personality. They also don’t dominate my face like every other pair I owned seemed to.
    ‘aul Gok is a good laugh to going on about bangers, I dread to think what he would make of the shape of me some days though!

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