It’s Friday – Whatcha Gonna do?

Oh Friday! You’re here again! Oh Friday, let me count the ways that I love you! It’s like I can’t wait til you come around and I never want you to go away. Oh, I have such fond memories of you, Friday, and I’ve got some great ones planned in the future.

So, what do you want to do today? It’s your day after all, Friday! Me, I’m just hanging by your coat tails, glad to go with you wherever. I’m fine, I’m great in fact! I know it’ll be good. I know you’ll take me somewhere I like being – we always have a great time when it’s me and you. A drink here, a dance there… some food along the way before another dance and another drink. Darn it! You know how much I love you Friday!

You take me to the edge of heaven, baby!

For the blonde who suggested the band, for the brunette for getting the ‘Friday Feeling’ spot on and for McSmile that guessed the band and the song as soon as I asked him what today’s post should be.


One response to “It’s Friday – Whatcha Gonna do?

  1. Have a great weekend! Hubby is back so that’s made my weekend already xx

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