This Isn’t What I Wanted!

starsOn a scale of 1 – 10, this girl must rate about a 134 in terms of how stupid she is. Belgian Kimberley Vlaeminck claims that she only asked tattooist Rousian Toumaniantz to ink 3 stars onto her face, not the 56 she ended up with. She also claims that because she fell asleep during the process, coupled with a breakdown in communication, she now cannot show her face in public and has become nothing more than a circus freak. Toumaniantz claims that she was awake during the process, looked into the mirror several times and actually asked for 56 stars to be tatooted onto her face in the first place!

Things all started to go pear shaped when Vlaeminck arrived home and instead of her Dad and boyfriend waiting eagerly for her to change into the new dress or shoes she bought on her trip into town, they were faced, pardon the pun, with yer wan still in her jeans and t shirt but with a mass of potentially permanent, ugly, black marks over half her face that she choose to put there!Well, you can imagine the Father and boyfriend’s reaction! They hit the roof! And then all kind of allegations that Kimberley must’ve been drugged or hypnotised by the tattooist so that he could act out some kind of revenge rose to the surface – as allegations do.

The upshot of this silly, silly, girls actions is that she’s now got a face like an extra on a Tim Burton movie and is the laughing stock of everyone in the world with an internet connection or the ability to read a newspaper. Who do you believe? The girl who decided to get stars tattooed onto her face and then who let a guy she couldn’t communicate properly with carry out her ‘instructions’ [the conversation with Tourmaniantz was carried out in a mixture of French, her native language and English, of which he also had some words], or the tattooist that thought it reasonable for an 18 year old girl to want 56 black stars tattooed onto her face?


Should Vlaeminck opt for laser tattoo removal, the painful process will cost €10,000, she’s suing Tourmaniantz for that amount and she’ll still be left with permanent deep white scars on her face. Tourmaniantz has now offered to cover half of the cost of the laser treatment and has admitted that he’s got lots of publicity out of this farce. 

I say they’re perfect for one another and that this could be the start of a, eh, erm, beautiful thing – well, have you seen the state of him?


Vlaeminck has now admitted that she did in fact ask for 56 stars to be tattooed onto her face! She also admits that she lied after her father went beserk and tried to cover up how feckin downright stupid she’d been by partly blaming the tattooist involved. Apparently Tourmaniantz has withdrawn his offer to pay for half the laser removal and has decided to get written consent from all clients in the future.

Why is it only now he’s asking clients to sign something before he destroys their face? There’s a pair fo them in it, I say – she’s obviously very stupid and immature, that goes without saying and a freaky looking thing like him must also be some kind of stupid to not see how unconventional it is to tattoo onto an 18 year old’s face!



5 responses to “This Isn’t What I Wanted!

  1. Couldn’t believe this when I saw it- fell asleep my foot, how could you? Each to their own but he scares the life out of me as well.

  2. Karen Quinn

    Holy shit thats insane! I’m quite fond of the ink myself with five tattoos but crikey that’s horrific! Who on earth would think that she would want that?

  3. I think this is a case of ‘one of them, two of them’. I think they both have to take their share of the responsibility for this mess…

  4. Ah, yer man is Roide 😉

  5. i meant “A roide” !!

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