Been Hair Before

I’ve started swimming again. I use to swim an awful lot but as it’s not like there’s a swimming pool around every corner, it can be hard to get to a pool what with work and play getting in the way! But, things have come full circle and it’s now dead handy for me to swim again a couple of times a week. The problem? That same old problem when it comes to a coiffed look and chlorine? Pool hair. Oh it’s a nightmare. A nightmare! How do I keep my shiny, well conditioned shoulder length coloured hair in tip top form when it’s up against the dreaded chlorine?

Sun & SwimWell, one simple, easy to find product is the Boots own brand ‘Sun, Swim & Gym Hydra Spray’. Shake up the 2 layered liquid and spray! I tip my head over to get all the underneath hair as well – lash it on! The UV filter will protect your hair against environmental, salt and chlorine damage. And it’s on offer at the moment, as are all products in this range, 2 for €6 which isn’t bad at all. Good for when you’re on holiers. Note to self, I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner from this range but I felt my hair wasn’t hydrated afterwards and still a bit crunchy or coarse when dry.

‘I’ll get a leave in conditioner!’, I thought. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting my naturally dry, tending to frizzy, thick and now coloured hair into shape. A leave in conditioner will be great for that added bit of help afterwards. Now, I don’t wash my hair at the pool, ever, a quick sprint home, a blast of the hairdryer and then lots of TLC the next day before work in my own shower suits me better, thank you very much! So, not knowing exactly where to start as I can’t remember buying a specific leave in conditioner before, I went on to MakeUp Alley to peruse the product reviews. Part of me loves this site for the simply never ending list of products reviewed and part of me hates that every product tends to get quite mixed reviews, so I can be back to where I started and just having to plump for something after a bit of consideration and see how I get on.

I jumped from brand to brand, some got good but still very mixed reviews, some I realised weren’t easily available and some that I knew simply wouldn’t be for my type of hair etc. I then selected reviews for ‘Aveda, leave in conditioner’. Yep, back to the old reliable! There was a product called ‘Elixir’, it sounded great, really good reviews – until I found out that it was discontinued. Aveda Style Prep Smoother*Sigh* Then as I was scrolling back up the page I noticed that there was a review that included some info about ‘The New Elixir’ from Aveda themselves! ‘We are happy to inform you that we will be launching a new product called Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother. Compared to Elixir, Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is a more superior performing product than Elixir – a much more technologically advanced plant-based formula with very strong performance benefits, such as 12 hour humidity defense and heat protection. It also better prepares for smooth styling by creating a smooth new surface.’

And then I realised that I have indeed got this very product! And I love it! Placed as a pre blow dry styling aid that will help your hair when styling, it straightens while nourishing, leaving hair that is more manageable and less frizzy. It is expensive, it’s Aveda after all – €27 for a small looking bottle but I swear, I must’ve used it over 50 times since before Christmas last year and there’s still approx 3/4 of it left! [And you know you’ll get it cheaper online] I don’t use this all the time, most of the time though, as it can be quite heavy, even on my thick locks. You only need a tiny, peanut sized amount and then distribute it well. However, for this time of year, I find this is a better product to put into dry hair as it really cuts down on the dreaded ‘humidity factor’ whereby hair can multiple in size tenfold on a warm, heavy day! I find that a little blob of this on dry hair works wonders and so the morning after my swim, or indeed just generally when the weather is a bit hot and sticky, this has been my product of choice all along anyway so I’m not going to bother getting a new leave in conditioner! My little purse that’s straining at the seams is so glad I was doing the right thing all along!


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