All I Do Each Friday..

…is pray. Pray that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me and that it is indeed the weekend! Pray for the workday to end so the fun can begin. Pray that it doesn’t rain as my hair and rain definitely don’t get on. Pray that I can actually leave work early! Pray that I remembered to put the top I want to wear in the wash last night. Pray that nothing stupid or family crisis related happens to take me away from my night of fun. Pray that no one else is wearing the same top as me in the pub later. Pray that some extra money has magically appeared in my bank account. Pray [again] that I win the lotto to stave off any future worrying about not having enough money for a night on the tiles. Pray that whatever happens tonight, tomorrow will be even better! Pray not to walk out of the Ladies with loo roll on my shoe or my knickers tucked into my skirt. Pray that both of those things in fact happen to yer wan, the bitch – that I would pay to see! Pray that it stays the weekend forever!

Enjoy ‘Take That’ tomorrow night Girlies! Spit on Gary from Me!


2 responses to “All I Do Each Friday..

  1. have a good weekend yourself. I AM SOOOO EXCITED!! xxx

  2. Aww I like Gary now! Have a good weekend

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