Where Is My Mind?

*Deep Breath* Where IS  my mind these days? My head is so full of stuff that I only seem to get some time to think about, y’know, important stuff when my head hits the pillow – and even then my absolute need to read from whatever engaging book I’m trawling through will halt the thought process for a bit – it’s no time at all before I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and I’m asleep with none of the days problems sorted. Or perhaps having not fully mapped out potential ‘stuff’.

I really need to get my hair cut and I’m thinking of trying a new hard to get appointment at salon, so when should I book it for and how far in advance, seeing as my plans change daily? Fizzy should really have that operation on her tooth soon, it’s no a biggie but a few months back the vet advised her to have it within a few-ish months – Lord! An operation, how much will that cost? A couple of hundred that I don’t have right now? BTW – where is all my money going? Why do I still feel like McSmile is going to drop a ‘You’re Dumped’ bombshell – even though he told me last week he didn’t want to break up with me. I feel bad that a good friend of mine is recently single and not working at the moment – but it’s quite difficult to arrange to meet him, I should try and fix that. I’m not fit – sure I’ve gone swimming for the last 2 nights, doing 2000m in total but that’s nowhere near what I should be doing. What’s going to happen to the new kittens that the stray-ish Mammy cat that lives in my sister’s garden – my sis is very attached to them already. We had a really great day in work today, lots of money came in while we were all in a meeting – but tomorrow could be full of cancellations and that means lots of silence except for general sighing in the office. I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked a meal, bar throwing a pizza into the oven, in my place, I’m really over there to grab clothes, shower/ wash hair, my rent is cheap enough to say that I’m paying for ‘general storage’ of my stuff – but this can’t go on indefinitely, living between 3 places but I’m not moving into parents nor McSmile’s on a permanent basis, no siree! Am I getting itchy feet again? I feel like I could up sticks again, some kind of job or volunteer type job with a place to stay etc, could tempt me no matter what part of the world. I’ve been going on about losing weight for a bit now, I just need to lose maybe half a stone, lose the old ‘muffin top’ and I’d be happy – or would I? Am I focusing on losing weight cos I’m not dealing with other stuff head on? Bollix – I really want to buy that new Dior eyeshadow palette but I think it’s 2 pay days away. Earlier my Dad casually said how he had to go to the hospital tomorrow for blood tests – they’ve found nothing so far [he’s been having a general check up for a few months now, monitoring etc] and these are genuinely just routine, he’s just back from playing a game of tennis for God’s sake, but I’m still worried. And Mom’s back is very sore today – why? No idea, it just happened. I’m still pissed off that My Other Dad and The Glamorous Blonde said they don’t like McSmile – so what do I do about the Galway Races? I normally stay in their house. Trying to book a hotel or even a fecking mattress with a bit of shelter and running water is hard at this time of the year, everything’s so booked up. And I want to go to the races, me and McSmile can do our own thing and just meet up with the gang whenever. Well at least it looks like he’s getting his job contract renewed – so there isn’t as much chance of him skipping the country now – his plan should he be let go here. I still have to organise a feckin’ smear test – I haven’t had one in ages. And there was that raised mole that appeared on my back that I got checked out – I got the all clear for that at least *phew*.

Is it time for bed yet? Or time for a thought-erasing cocktail, at least?


2 responses to “Where Is My Mind?

  1. Karen Quinn

    Flip me lady, its all going on in that noggin of yours, isn’t it! I say, breathe. The living in three places must be a bit of a headmelt. I found that particularly difficult before the bloke and I began living together, it was constant round of running back and forth and needing two of everything, never knowing what was where!

    Sounds like you need a holiday or a few days away to get your head showered…

  2. Well shoot the crows. I am exhausted just reading your blog. You deffo need a life change or a holiday girl. Life is for living not existing. Im always thinking of heading off to work at something different, just to get away from it all…..
    Your brain is on overload, you need to clear your head so maybe a little holiday somewhere hot on your own will do the trick. It always works for me. 🙂

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