Sunny Friday

You know it people! It seems that Summertime has finally arrived in Ireland for 2009! Woo Hoo! The fab weather puts everyone in a great mood. The mere thought of being able to wear short sleeved tops is enough to start little hairs bristling with anticipation up and down the neck of everyone on this fair Isle! And this is such a great song to describe that feeling!

And you know what Summer means? It means ducking out of work early, especially on Fridays. It means sunny, outdoor beers and if it’s only Tuesday, no one cares. It means smiley faces, heads full of plans to enjoy a few days away from work. People will randonly smile at you while saying things like ‘Grand day, isn’t it!’

You also get the lobster look unfortunately. It’s very common here and not a great look, especially 12hrs after the first proper ray of sunshine. You often wonder if anyone in Ireland has ever heard of sunscreen but there always seems to be some nicely tanned specimen in shorts nearby to have a gawk at through your sunnies [so as not to be caught!], so we’ll let that one go. 

Sitting on the grass in the park, ice lolly in hand. Walking instead of taking the bus. Dogs and frisbees. Laughing off getting sprayed with a garden hose and laughing more at the ridiculous straw hat the guy you used to fancy is wearing.

Smile! It’s sunny! There’ll be a few showers along the way but the sun will always come back!


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