Winner Takes It All

euro-money-notesRevenge is sweet and best served cold. I’ve just managed to gain revenge on one of the most loathsome people I have ever met and when it happened it was served ice, ice cold Baby!

I’ll refer you back to this day. An ordeal that I was really, really dreading. I knew my ex employer was going to play dirty and boy did he scrape the bottom of the barrel, lowering himself to ridiculous levels in the process. He showed himself up for the nasty, petulant little bully that he really is – not the worldy, flashy entrepreneur he thinks he is. I say ex employer as that’s how I’d choose to describe him if I had to be polite about things, there isn’t enough time in one day to describe him how I’d really describe him. There was, let’s say, a difference of opinion between us, an altercation of quite large proportions. I ended up leaving the company and he thought he was well within his rights to trample all over me and pass judgement in one foul swoop. I bet he thought again when he was called to a Labour Relations Commission hearing.

His argument was, truth be told, laughable [and indeed myself and my other Dad were at pains not to laugh during the hearing at some of the petty incidences he brought up]. It should’ve been over in approximately 10 minutes, even taking into account the formalities. A lack of certain procedures were established within the first five minutes of the hearing yet he proceeded to argue his case, even after straight off admitting his errors, for another hour and a half! The Commissioner actually had difficulty getting him to stop! There was rejection after rejection of certain ‘pieces of evidence’ he brought forward and at one point he actually argued with the Commissioner – I mean loud voices, no backing down and a ‘I think you should sit down and relax’ from the Commissioner was issued more than once! Oh, he made a show of himself.

One of the most nasty things he did was ask former colleagues of mine to write letters stating grieviences they had with me over my time with the company! Imagine! You’re in a job, a colleague ends up leaving due to whatever circumstances, it’s nothing to do with you and your boss then asks you to write a letter of vitriol against them to use in a tribunal type hearing! It was quite amazing the flair for the English language that the foreign girl I shared an office with had picked up in those months that passed between me leaving and the hearing. But surely words couldn’t have been put in her mouth by anyone else, put down on paper for her to sign? Also, think of the changes in the economy since last Summer and now – do you want to give your boss any excuse to ‘have to let you go’? I thought not, you’d sign anything he wanted you to if it meant keeping your job, right? What a nasty, little bully this guy is.

So, as expected, the decision went my way – YAY! – but it was still such a relief, such a relief when the letter came through. I was awarded a tidy sum of money and another wait began. This time to see how far this petulent little man would go, in other words, would he object to the decision. I was thinking that he may well do, just for the sake of it. He’d be a fool to, as that would mean going to a higher tribunal and lots, lots more money would be at stake and well, as I said, there were certain basic employment procedures that were not carried out that no end of arguing could ever change.

Last week I got a letter to say that my ex employer accepted the decision made and a cheque was included.

Can you see me smiling? I can’t take the grin off my face!


10 responses to “Winner Takes It All

  1. Fair Play hunny – id say it was a stressfull time alltogether for you though.
    Hope things are going alot smoother for you now. And i hope karma comes back to bite his nasty ass one day

  2. ta roxy! you can’t believe how glad i am it’s all over!

  3. well done. you did fantastically. you’re my inspiration. i’m keeping a diary on these freaks here, one day it may just be handy.

    i’m delighted the pinhead got his comeuppance. those poor things still working there….

    i hope you’re going to treat yourself with the money.xx

  4. towny! *blush*
    thanks so much.. i knew i had to go thro w it as tbh, i would never had forgiven myself if i didn’t.. i felt so let down my my ex boss over time..
    someone else clearly became teacher’s pet and i was more and more isolated, just left day in day out to look after certain clients and i wasn’t being consulted about ‘the bigger picture’ anymore..

    good for you and your situation, the smallest thing can be important! keep up the good work x

  5. Nice one. It just proves it’s always best to rise above such people and their petty games.

  6. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  7. Well done girl!! Bullies like him get away with it far too often. Great to see someone standing up to them!!!

  8. well done mrs, didn’t realise you were having such major issues but hopefully you can put it all in the past now & treat yourself to nice things with your cheque..serves him right!! xx

  9. ta again girlies..
    it’s such a relief that it’s over.. it wasn’t easy and even tho I was confident to a certain extent, there were some huge legalities that he simply couldn’t defend, a bit of me was still v worried right up until the cheque arrived and he said he wasn’t going to object to the decision

    i’m so, so glad i didn’t let him away w it tho!
    standing up to him was well worth it

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