Glitter in Non-Aveda Hair Product Shocker!

anti-break-rx_largeI know. The headline says it all. My hair has been a little bit ‘meh’ of late and I felt something had to be done about it. Now! I haven’t completely abandoned my beloved Aveda.. we’re just on a little break. My hair tends to be even more dry once the weather heats up [although it’s never anywhere near tropical in temperate old Ireland, as we’re all aware] but it’s a combination of warmth, humidity and the never ending battle against over processing that had my locks in a bit of a tizzy.

I must admit oh the shame, that I haven’t used an intensive hair treatment for quite some time now and I knew it was time to fix that! Something inside me whispered that maybe, just maybe it was time to explore a new brand. I was going to ‘Be Brave’ and walk past the Aveda concession in BT – and sure I’ve been eyeing up the poor little, unmanned Frederic Fekkai ‘stand’ in the same department store for ages now. So up I trotted and lo and behold, the FF stand had a very friendly guy doing his best to entice shoppers towards his fantastic range of hair transforming products!

We chatted for quite some time. He wasn’t pushy and knew his stuff. I’d an idea which product I’d be going for anyway, because of earlier sleuthing and rightly so he recommended the FF Protein Rx Breakage Treatment Mask. This tub of fabulousness is designed to restore hair that is dry, weak and broken through heat damage and or over processed into the bargain. This milk and soy protein based mask also prevent future damage to leave hair soft and silky and in much better condition. Word of warning! I had the Shea Butter Hair Mask in my hand for purchasing but I was told that most likely I would find it too much for my hair, that it is really only for very coarse, almost afro hair that really needs some TLC.

So, what’s the verdict on the Protein Mask? Well first impressions are that it smells just divine! All marshmallow-y and sweet. It has a soft but firm texture, so as you scoop out a small blob [you use the same amount as normal conditioner, approx €1 coin in size], it doesn’t run all over your hands as you move towards actually getting it in your hair. It felt lovely and light and certainly as I waited the 10-15 minutes for it to work it’s magic, I didn’t feel I had a product in my hair. On washing it out, I could already tell that my hair was much softer, much much softer and there were no tangles whatsoever. As I let my hair dry naturally for a bit,  I could tell that my hair knew it’d just had a lovely treat! And then after I’d blow dried it, I couldn’t stop touching it! My hair was so soft, shiny and far less frizzy than after a normal DIY blow dry.

I’ve used this product a couple of times now and I’m definitely in love! It’s not cheap though, as you’d expect. €32 in BT but I will say that for my just below shoulder length hair I’d think I’ll get about 15 goes out of it, which IMO makes it a very good buy. This particular FF product isn’t available on Strawberry sadly but it is on HQHair for a couple of Euro less [watch out for Customs payments!]. It also got a very high 4.2/5 rating on MakeUpAlley, which I think is impressive as the mainly American reviewers can be unbelievably picky and the 3.6/5 for packaging def took down the average score [I agree tubes are better than tubs but I’m a firm believer in the product not what’s prettiest on the outside].

*Swish Swish* I shall return!


One response to “Glitter in Non-Aveda Hair Product Shocker!

  1. Sounds like it’s well worth the money and very much sounds like my hair at the moment so I may have to purchase!

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