On Loop

blonde-goth-21Jesus. For the last while, try couple of weeks, I can’t stop thinking about some of my Ex’s. And when I’m not thinking about one of them, I’m bursting into a blast of Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’. I feel like I’m going to explode with frustration! And the thing is, I’m not thinking about one or two specifically, just kinda having those cringe-filled fleeting flashes of past events. No! Not those ‘kind of events’! Just of the ‘OMG – now he was an asshole’ type moments or ‘That was weird the way he disappeared’ or ‘Oh, just because he was nice but dull doesn’t mean he really deserved another date’ type ponderings.

I’m blaming that ex for so randomly getting in touch a few weeks ago and the fact that I found myself with a lot of time to think while cat sitting. Now, I’m so over the ‘Who does he think he is?’  bloody mindedness of those bolt from the blue emails and I still couldn’t care less about him, truth be told, he hasn’t popped up in any of my thoughts as he was never a runner and details about him are hazy, him being a fairly bland person overall. But I’m finding it difficult to categorize how I feel about different exes. I mean, once someone becomes an ex, chances are they are labelled an asshole until you can drag yourself out of your self imposed cotton wool cocoon and well, by then you’ve stopped caring, so that kind of asshole can do what they like from then on anyway!

I suppose I’m also trying to figure out what kind of an impact certain exes had on me. There would’ve been a number of fleeting, casual encounters that involved meeting up every so often for a bit of a laugh and then after a while I couldn’t care less if I either bumped into them when I was with someone else or simply never again. Insert a hugeamount of eyerolling here – a huge amount. I like to thoroughly research a subject before coming to a conclusion but I definitely have met enough assholes to cover any kind of statistical sample number needed to confirm that they exist.

I mean, certain foods, certain songs, certain little habits – do I have any now that I know I can attribute to a specific person that I spent a small, medium or large amount of time with? One ex was very into Science Fiction and while everyone goes through a phase of it at some stage, most likely in college, I always hated missing EastEnders on a Monday night because the compromise was that he got to watch ‘Deep Space Nine’. I ended up watching it with him each week but haven’t been pulled to Science Fiction of any kind since. A strange one is that I haven’t eaten a packet of Salt n Vinegar Hula Hoops for about 10 years as a certain 3 or 4 date guy was once eating a packet when I bumped into him, before he was consigned to the ‘Asshole Pile’. Aussie hairstuff is the same – I have not and will not ever touch that stuff due to a bottle of its shampoo adorning the bathroom of a Class A Asshole [and apparently the ‘3Minute Miracle’ or whatever treatment is meant to be great!]. Jeez, now I’m wondering if some of them have turned me into a complete freak! 

I’ve lived in Dublin for quite some years now, so I’m always bumping into someone I knew from way back – be they someone I was in school with, a friend that I drifted away from or someone there was a little romance with. I’ll say hello, do the chat thing. But if it’s someone I’m not in contact with right now, I won’t ask for their number, even in a flaky, ‘we must go for a drink’ type way, I hate all that bull. I’ll just say that it was good to catch up – inevitably, even if I’d rather walk on hot coals than spend another 5minutes in that person’s company, it’s good to see how much older they look, how I’m soo not jealous of the 3 kids pulling out of them wanting the toilet, the where did you get him or her thankfully I don’t have to put up with that in a current partner nightmare and finally, it’s always good when the person, especially the ex that you bump into, says something whereby a whole range of things come flooding back and you realise that you’re glad you got out when you did. Really glad.


3 responses to “On Loop

  1. how weird, i was thinking about all of that myself a couple of weeks ago. thinking who did i really love (only 3 men, boyf being 1 of course), who was fun, a waste of my time, evil etc etc. why do we do it? sigh!! none of them deserved us lol.xxx

  2. Our men are indeed blessed to be allowed within arms reach of us!

  3. Try getting married and having mintal dreams about your ex who lives next door to your parents… yes, really. Actually he’s now 40, still living at home & single AFAIK – what a lucky escape!!!

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