Talk About Q-Teh!

Fire is dangerous, Kids. Don’t go near it. Try and stay away, y’hear? You’re lucky, your Mom & Dad are big and know what to do in time of danger. But what if your Mom & Dad are as scared as you? And what if they don’t actually know what to do? What if they went off to look for food and couldn’t find their way back because of some goddamn fire? Huh? What if it all goes wrong and you end up on your own? Fear not, little ones, this is a happy story!

There was another spate of wildfires north of Los Angeles recently, many homes were burned and their owners left with nothing – and this also happened to lots of hoomans! This particular Animal Sanctuary started filling up real quick when bad fire things started happening. All those animals needed new homes! And needed to get temporary homes in the meantime. So, you put a dog here, a few rabbits there, maybe a few chickens and a rooster in another place. But what happens when you run out of space? The rules states that animals need to be kept separate [d’oh!].

A little bobcat kitteh, maybe only 3 weeks old had been found the week before the fires, all weak and dehydrated. He was being lovingly nursed back towards good health when there was another fire survivor arrived, a deer [see what I did there?] little baby fawn. There wasn’t a spare crate to house the fawn and it’s really not the done thing to mix animals -think of the hissing, spitting and general just who do YOU think you are-ness of those kind of scenarios – anyway.. anyway…

When the fawn arrived in the Sanctuary, the little Bobcat kitteh just ran up to it, said hello and they’ve been bessie mates ever since! Don’t believe me? Take a look!

Under the desk;

underdesk (2)

In the hallway;

hallway (2)


Happy stories people! That’s what we like! Happy Stories!


3 responses to “Talk About Q-Teh!

  1. I Heart This So Much!
    Seen it on cute overload too.
    Its amazing how innocent and cute little animals are

  2. did u see the chicken nesting on a lil pup? tis too cute for this world – its on CO too.

  3. oh i saw it, roxy! ad-or-a-ble!

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