Right Up Her Street

When I read about this recently, I did chuckle. It’s neither the funniest thing ever said or done, nor has it changed my life. It just made me think that given the situation, I might say something similar.

Michelle Obama has been thrust into a spotlight so bright and overwhelming, that her day to day routine now as First Lady is far from what would be described as ‘normal’ and one I will never experience. There have been thousands of column inches written about her style, her background, her life with Obama before he became President, how she combined her quite frankly overachieving Ivy League career with having two daughters, her focus on wanting to be a mother that just wants to get on with other things as well.

I, for one, am not going to knock her, although plenty have already poo-pooed her desire to fit in helping out at local homeless shelters while also swanning around in $400 dollar Lanvin runners, her ‘I just fished this out of the back of the wardrobe outfit for a Vogue feature’ attitude to materialism while ruthlessly sizing up and being vocal about her husband’s opponents in the run up to the election.

Cast all that aside. What she said recently while giving a speech to the US Mission to the UN in New York, was that appearing on Sesame Street, getting to hang out with Elmo and Big Bird was probably the best thing that’s happened to her since moving to the White House! She really did say that! Now this post isn’t about to turn into a saccharin coated gush of affection for Mrs O, it’s just me saying that, well, that was a kinda cool thing to say. A bit geeky, a bit ‘Girlfriend you need a cocktail!’, a bit sappy and if I was a complete cynic, I’d say a bit too contrived, but also one of those things whereby a seemingly genuine person, that is perfectly likeable got to do something that nearly all of us would love to do! Really, who wouldn’t want to hang out on Sesame Street with Elmo, Big Bird and all the rest of the gang?!


One response to “Right Up Her Street

  1. i like her and i like elmo. i’d also like to have $400, not for shoes, just to have lol. 😉 x

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