Man Friday

fv3Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Well ye should cos there’s a lot of girls beating a path to your door! Fernando Verdasco is currently Number 9 in the World Tennis rankings and personally, I’d help this hottie with his balls any day of the week!

The 26 year old Spanish Spinner is the second ranked player in his country but only to the World Number 1, Raphael Nadal. The two met earlier this year in the semi final of the Australian Grand Slam – a game that lasted a record 5hrs 14minutes that was hard fought over 5 sets with Nadalscraping through in the final set 6-4. This game – and boy do I count my lucky stars that I got to drool over both players for the entire time – is widely regarded as one of the best games of tennis ever played!


Verdasco is a very aggressive baseliner who is widely considered consistent on all surfaces. Many players including Andy Roddick consider him to have one of the hardest forehands on tour. His serve is characteristic of a left-handed player predominantly using slice to create a lot of swing.

He is known for rivaling compatriot Rafael Nadal with the amount of top spin he can put on a ball. Which is great for tennis fans but even better on both counts for the likes of me is that he poses for pix like these!



2 responses to “Man Friday

  1. humna humna mmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. Jesus – I love my Hubs bum, but he’s just been relegated into Division 1 after seeing this picture!!!

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