Where in the World is GK?

the worldHey! Long time and all that! Where on earth has GK been? What has she been up to? I hear you ask, Why hasn’t she been blogging? Well, let me explain!

One day I decided not to write a blogpost. And then the next I decided that I hadn’t had a very exciting day and consulted my notebook to look for inspiration, but I wasn’t very inspired. I probably went out the night after that and then would’ve gone on the piss for the weekend and by the time Monday had rolled around and I’d dragged myself back into the daily 9-5 routine of someone with a job, I realised that it had been a whole week since I’d updated this little site! I wasn’t impressed with myself.

I blame football for the lack of Wednesday and Thursday posts – there’s been a lot of it on recently, end stages of ‘The Big Cup’ and well, after 90mins shouting at the TV, lashing vino into me, I’m not necessarily in the right frame of mind to have a chat and have ended up continuing the rant with various family members before going to bed in a strop. And the Rugby had me in knots of worriment days before any big game. Knots I tells ye!

In general I’ve been a bit meh about a lot of things, grumble grumble. Not in a bad mood as such, just wanting time to pass so that the weather was nicer or that I had more cash or that I had holiday plans. I realised I had to do something about my credit card i.e. pay it off. A combination of a big paycut and spending weekends throwing caution to the wind and drinking several too many expensive Bellinis didn’t do it any favours. I’m now on cold turkey and it doesn’t taste nice. Mind you, the bargain hunter in me has been getting excited about and distracted by the words ‘SAVE!’ and ‘50% Off’ and the old ‘Buy One Get One Free’ has me tearing down supermarket aisles in chase of something for nothing! It won’t be forever, I know that but I’m a spontaneous kind of gal! I like deciding to do something on a whim, go somewhere I haven’t been before, but something I don’t need but want! Bah Humbug…

I’ve been a bit tired of late. Yep. Tired. Why I don’t know, but I’m blaming SAD [seasonal affective disorder] – sure why not? And so I’ve been spending a lot of time convincing myself that I have to go back to the gym, that takes up time as well. Maybe it’s because I seem to spend my entire life now running for a bus to go here, there or somewhere completely else – I do well to remember which direction to head when I finish work, as I’m still spending most Mon – Weds nights back in the old sod and the rest of the week trying to catch up with my city friends by keeping a tight hold onto my social life – and a boy was even distracting me from that for a while, so even when in Dublin I was between his place and mine. Note I mentioned a ‘boy’ and the word ‘was’ in the same sentence. 

Oh the smalls, AKA Molly & Fizzy have been demanding my attention too. You don’t think it’s possible to actually move from couch to PC desk when a feline has decided that your knee is the chosen spot, now do you?! And as I’m cat & house sitting [yes, they’re in order of importance] this week due to parents been en vacance, there’s so much more to do around the place [No need to let you know how annoyed I was when Fizzy decided to sulk on topof the kitchen cupboards this morning, 5 minutes after I should’ve left to get my bus, especially as her favourite thing to do is set off the house alarm if she’s left home alone].

Anything else? Oh yeah, loads, stuff and things, blah blah.. but I sound like I whinging now. I’m not. Everything is fine, really, ok? We were just on a break. ON A BREAK!! OK?!

It is good to be back though!


One response to “Where in the World is GK?

  1. Glad to see you back!

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