Creme That Egg!

Have you seen this? It’s absolute genius! Now! Talk about complicated though.. and, this guys credits his ‘very patient flatmates’ – I’ll say! I can only imagine how many times bare feet stamped on a plastic cup, the loud smash rattling their hungover brains even more.. the amount of times getting from one side of the room to the other was akin to a Kyrpton Factor assault course, the amount of times fingers that reached for a coffee cup found that they were stuck to the remote control.. and how many times the word ‘Fuckit!’ was spat out from someone’s mouth! But just think how good it would’ve been to see this whole maze like, pathway to splat work for the first time! Do you think they celebrated with a Creme Egg?!


2 responses to “Creme That Egg!

  1. That is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  2. Wow!!!!

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