Molly is 1!

A year ago the cutest little thing, that can also be the most darned terror we’ve ever met was born – our lives would never be the same again. You think I’m joking or exaggerating? Eh, no way!

Let me take you back. After a long illness our elderly lady died. No one would ever replace her and her character lives on in many a story. The time came to think about making everyone happy again. Fizzy was lonely and we were just plain sad.

‘What about getting a kitten?’, I said to my sister. ‘A kitttteeennnn! Just think! A brand new kitten!’

‘Oooohhh, I’d love a new kitten. But it wouldn’t be the same.’

‘I know but.. everyone’s sad. Not to replace the elderly lady, just a happy new addition to the family?’

‘Ok, let’s get one’

The Pet Shop had kittens and Parents were on holiday. Two things that were going in our favour. And all of a sudden, the little girl kitten was ‘on hold’ until my sister could collect her the following day. I would be stuck in work for the week, only able to get properly in on the act at the weekend.

‘What about ‘Molly’? Molly is a dotey name!’

‘We’ll see’.

‘OMG! O.M.G. I’ve just seen the picture of her. O.M.G. She is gorgeous!

‘WHHAAATTT? You’re on speaker, driving. We have her! Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Sorry, Oh Jesus. Is she ok? I’ll slow down at the next.. Whhaattt? Yeah! Whhaaat. Hang On’

‘Hi GK. Yep. No. She’s fine. Ooohh sshhhii.. Hang on little one! Are ye ok? Sorry, another corner and every time cos she’s standing up in the box, well, when there’s a corner she kind of topples back into the box! Oh it’s hilarious!’

‘But what do you think? Like, what do you think about ‘Molly’?’

‘Well! Do you know what? We were just saying, weren’t we? We were just saying that she soo is a ‘Molly’. Really. Suits her perfectly!’

Molly spent a fantastic few days with her foster parents, my sis  and her boyf. She had food, attention and toys galore! Pictures were taken, videos were recorded…

Excitement doesn’t describe me before I got to finally meet this furry little thing that I’d heard so much about. When I arrived to my sis’ place, Molly was asleep. On their bed. In like the middle of this huge double bed that seemed to swallow her up. I poked her awake – well, you have to! Well, ok, I had to! I wanted to see her eyes, I wanted her to see me. And when she woke with a bit of a start, I picked her up and cuddled her, told her I loved her and told her that I was so glad to meet her.

There were tears before, during and after the official exchange. Kudos to Molly’s foster parents tho, she knew she was onto a winner – and sure they’re round in my parents all the time. She knows that they’re part of the gang.

There was fascination, intrepidation, hissing, spitting and plain out WTF when it came for Molly to meet her Auntie Fizzy. But the law was laid down and Molly took her place as the cheeky one who underneath it knows who’s boss. 

There was the shock of the introduction when my parents came back from hols – but this is too nice a story to spoil it with the screaming, shouting, surprise and war cries of ‘I wasn’t expecting to come home to a kitten! Kittens are hard work!’, so let’s move on.

To what tho? Perhaps the truth and the fact that at this stage, Molly is no longer ‘little’ [her absolute dedication to eating as much as possible is testament to this!] but she’s a big part of this family. The fact that we know her ways so well that she’s almost predictable – but being a feline, this is never taken for granted and the element of surprise is something she thrives on. The fact that she has the biggest eyes you’ll ever see on a cat. That she is the nosiest parker you’ll ever meet – if it exists, our Moll needs to know what it is. The way we all laugh when she insists on diving onto Dad’s paper when he’s trying to read, yet she couldn’t care less when he’s ‘just’ watching telly.

The way that she’s soo vocal! She chatters and chirps away as she plods around the house, becoming louder to let you know she’d like some more food, confirming that she knows there’s some around. The way that even when she catches and eats a fly or a spider, she manages to look super cute. Her absolute need to be in the thick of things, which can include standing on a worktop and peering over a chopping board, just to make sure she knows what’s going on. Maybe it’s the way that upon opening the front door, she’ll appear, announce that she has ‘stuff to do’ and after a quick spot check she’d like you to open the back door for her to resume her outdoor pottering and checking, thank you very much! Like the time she couldn’t find anything better so brought in a swatch of beige carpet, dropped it beside her bed and off out again she went. She loves getting brushed – she’ll even ‘turn around’ herself when one side is done enough. Don’t stand in her way if there’s a prawn on offer but she’ll hang back when it comes to mushrooms or melted chocolate ice cream [she prefers vanilla]. When she achieves world domination, she’ll acknowledge the part that ‘Go-Cat’ had to play. Her friends the Fish-on-a-String, the yokes with the bells and her mouse friend full of catnip will get prime positions. And when she’s tie tie and needs her sleep, she knows where she’ll always have a bed and most likely saved bits of chicken from that day’s roast dinner. And she’ll purr. And she’ll let us know that she loves being in our house. And when she falls asleep, we’ll remind her of how great she is.

cat-with-hatApologies for the total cr*p quality on the video – I don’t know why it slowed down by like 100 times when I put it up. And just to say, we, or my sister found Molly’s doppelganger – on a greetings card! Much smaller eyes than our Moll and less black fur around the mouth, but with the same grumpy face that every little kid is prone to from time to time!


5 responses to “Molly is 1!

  1. deadly post. the fur rocks 🙂

  2. furs for president!xx

  3. Oh I have tears in my eyes… Yes, its true, we are all totally besotted with her and you’ve described it perfectly. I can’t see the video at work but I’ll check it at home. Oh Molly we love you, Oh Molly we do….

  4. Molly is a legend.

    Loooooove the collar btw.

    I have a fridge magnet with the pic at the end of your post on it. It also has the words ‘if cats could talk, they’d lie to you’ on it!

  5. dippy!! it’s like THE video!! you’ve seen it like 100 times!!

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