It’s Daffodil Day!

daffodilsIt’s Friday, it’s a beautiful Spring day in this part of the country and it’s also Daffodil Day!

Daffodil Day is Ireland’s biggest and most popular charity event and there’s a lovely tradition of many, many people sporting badges of daffodils on this day each year. Run by the Irish Cancer Society, you will see volunteers throughout every town rattling boxes and asking you to donate money – but this is such a light hearted day that chances are, you’ll stumble across more chats about how lovely the flowers are, that’s it’s such a good cause and that really, now that people think of it, they should treat themselves to flowers more often as they really do brighten up the place!

My Aunt was involved with Daffodil Day and she raised a lot of money for the Cancer Society. There came a time though when her deteriorating health meant that she couldn’t help out the way she wanted to anymore. Her name comes up in many conversations, she was so much fun, a fabulous lady that was so, so popular. On days like this, with the sun shining, the light breeze.. perhaps it’s Nature’s way of telling us that she’s thinking of us and that she really isn’t very far away.


2 responses to “It’s Daffodil Day!

  1. Our receptionist organised sambos and cakes and quizzes today! And out managing director promiesd to double any money she made. Result!
    I made a strawberry cheesecake to bring in but my colleagues discovered to my horror that the middle hadnt set 😦

  2. oh the *shame* roxy! only joking!
    good for you making a contribution anyway.. i’d say it was still yummy!

    and nice one overall on your company’s effort!

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