Freaky Friday Song Comparison

I LOOOVE this Ting Tings song! There is no way it’s humanly possible notto react with a bit of toe tappin’, a bit of head bobbin’ and sure while you’re at it, chances are you’ll actually end up cheerleading across the sitting room in McSmile’s, like I do. Ok, you don’t have the address to McSmile’s place, so we may not actually vie for space in that particular sitting room, but you know what I mean! I’m allowing myself to say that its it’s very Gwen Stefani/ Hollaback-edness that is the crucial bit. And apologies if I’ve ever stamped on your foot while marching and swinging my arms around to that particular tune. Ahem.

So there I was, earlier this week.. asking no one in particular what my name was.. and another song came to mind and I found myself singing the Ting Tings words yet with the guitar from this song! Have I gone mad? Is there not quite a similarity in places? Maybe there is, but just in my head? See what you think…

* BTW, I’m taking no responsibility for the fact that numerous people might be too young to know what the hell I’m talking about.


One response to “Freaky Friday Song Comparison

  1. Definite similarities there, methinks. I hated that TingTings song to begin with, but it kind of grows on you, doesn’t it. x

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