Which Dress?

question-markWho doesn’t love buying a new dress? The newness of just picturing it on, no one else has this dress. But then, think of the joy of pulling an old favourite out from it’s protective jacket, yes, it’s that special and deciding you just can’t wait to wear it again to a big evint.

So.. think about this. A shop you pass all the time has a fabulous new dress in the window. It is fabulous. It’s what you’ve been looking for without realising it! So, you go into the shop to try the dress on but can’t help sneaking a peek at the pricetag – it’s expensive, really expensive, while at the same time, something so shiny and new and exciting, that you really, really want it. Then you’re told that the dress isn’t actually for sale. At least not to you. You can try it on though and so you do. There’s something not quite right about it but a little bit of work to change the length and it’d be even better. Oh, it fits everywhere else and makes you feel great and look fantastic but you have to put it back on the hanger for now.

At home, deciding what to wear one day, you come across an old favourite. A dress that you’ve worn quite a bit but even now, you can’t help smiling at all the fun you’ve had in this dress. Sure, it’s not perfect, the zip snags and that annoys you and one of the buttons is loose, but it is in your wardrobe, there to be worn whenever you like! And you do like wearing it. It makes you smile more as you remember another time you wore it – oh the compliments you got!

After walking past the shop a few more times, maybe taking the new dress off the hanger again but just looking at it, afraid to try it on in case you really don’t want to put it back, the owner comes over to you. ‘Would you like the dress? I mean, if I was going to offer it to you? To buy and have to wear whenever you liked?’

But there’d be a condition. If you said you’d like the shiny new dress, you’d have to give your old favourite dress to a charity shop, for someone else to have. And there’d be no guarantee that you’d actually get the new dress, you’d just be like, entered into a draw for it, for special customers only. But you’d have to say goodbye to the favourite dress that you’ve had so much fun in and you wouldn’t get it back.

Which dress would you choose?


7 responses to “Which Dress?

  1. mine is a silk mexx dress that i’ve had for about 5 years, every time i wear it people comment and i always feel good in it. the zip sticks a bit too and if i put it on too near chrimble its always a tad snug!! ….personally i’d keep the dress you have. you’d miss it if it were gone!
    jeez, glitter the similarities between thee and me fweak me out sometimes!!xxxx

  2. towny, i know!! scary isn’t it?! but then again.. just think how many people aren’t as great as us, eh? 😉

  3. lol

  4. Ah I have to say the smell of new versus the smell of moth balls wins every time for me. You will still have the old memories. Ditch the dress and think of all the new exciting possibilities that the new dress might bring. Were here for a good time NOT a long time.

  5. I have a dress that I totally adore and even when begged to give it up for a charity swap I couldn’t because its my total I-feel-like-me dress. Anything else I could probably give up but weirdly that not dress.
    ( I did give 7 binliners of other clothes to the swap though)

  6. I have to say I’d stick with the old favourite! If something aint broke, don’t fix it 😉

  7. Hi. I’d stick with the old dress no question.

    I have a black heavy material dress by yellow hammer which I adore. Its about 15 years old and goes with everything – boots, heels, causal or dress up. I had to get a new zip and the dressmaker had to use a shorter one so it can be a tricker to get on and its tight on me now but I’m hoping to retitfy that soon.

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