Party Time!

Sooner or later this song was going to make it to the ‘Friday Feeling’ list! It’s just so 80’s at least half these clothes must’ve come back in fashion a couple of times by now [and a lot of them are soo Spring ’09!].  It’s always a classic when the boys from the hood invade the preppy/ nerdy party. And the girls! How much hairspray did it take to make that video? The lace tights, the short dresses… ah! Takes me back! Enjoy. And party your ass off this weekend!


2 responses to “Party Time!

  1. Wicked! My kids love this song (and don’t believe I liked it when I was a lass). I’m torn with this 80s fashion – don’t they say you should avoid it if you wore it first time round? (yes I’m THAT old!) x

  2. i always wanted a big hairspray hairdo back then, sigh lol

    me too english mum!!

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