Paddy Carried the Lemon

As you’re reading this I’ve just finished laughing from the last time I watched this video. Hilarious doesn’t quite do it justice!

Now, the first time I saw ‘Dirty Dancing’ was at a friend’s 16th birthday party. Five or six girls,  no parents, a bucket of popcorn and 2 bottles of fizzy orange. Now I wasn’t quite 16, but I think I was the only one that hadn’t already seen it in the cinema, so it was some treat!

Definitely, the opening bars of this song cause some kind of involuntary reaction in females whereby they just put their heads back and start to sway, while only ever provoking a ‘oh for fooks sake!’ type reaction from the guys. You’re doing it now. You just don’t know it yet. This movie is a classic and this dance routine is a complete gem! You just know that the guys must’ve really practiced as they are extremely coordinated. It could’ve gone all horribly wrong during the lift, but it didn’t, it went splendidly well! And delirah and excirah for themselves they look once back on terre ferme as well! The super coordinated bit is right at the end for the group steps. I happened to be getting ready to go out when this came on and I turned off the hairdryer, watched the whole thing, did a bit of a sway and a sing into my hairbrush and even stayed standing while clapping at the end! Enough to bring a tear to yer eye.


One response to “Paddy Carried the Lemon

  1. This was hilarious….they have to win the final.
    If they ever remake Dirty Dancing they have to get Keith and Paddy in the lead roles.

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