Less Beverly Hills.. More Like Hill 16

This is hilarious! Credit where credit’s due, I came across this on lovely Annie’s blog and couldn’t resist putting it up myself. The opening line sets the tone for the entire video – so you have to turn up the volume! There are a good few ‘Hills’ parodies up on youtube.com but this is the best, cos it’s done by a few Irish girls, natch. Whiffy Whitney’s ridin’ knickers will have to stay on until another night. Lauren’s hair extensions might be a bit manky and Lo just looks as though she hasn’t a clue what’s going on, it could be all the teeth whitening chemicals that’ve gone straight to her head. Hammer Time indeed!


5 responses to “Less Beverly Hills.. More Like Hill 16

  1. LOL!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

  2. Ah cheers for the linkage missus! I loved that video; it’s a bit filthy, but I love how they dub it over so perfectly.


  3. hehe.. i’ve played this about 10 times by now!

  4. oh that is THE funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Brilliant

  5. that is brill!

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