First Dog!

first-dogSo, the news everyonehas been waiting for – the Obama’s have decided to get a Portuguese Water Dog as the canine addition to their lovely, smiley family. How exciting! Remember how cute is was when [almost President Elect Barrack mentioned that his daughters ‘could now have a dog’, seeing how that’s what they agreed if he got the Democrat vote? Talk about melting! The whole world stopped for a brief moment to pause and lap that one right up!

So, what are these Portuguese Water dogs like anyway? Well, first off, they chose this breed as they need a ‘hypoallergenic’ dog as little Malia is allergic to dogs [imagine? how awful!]and these fellas have a great reputaion; Medium sized, these hardy dogs are lively and sensible but also very loyal, they’re affectionate and good with children, easy to train and I guess, one of the most important things is that they’re so darn cute! Those ears are just crying out to be ruffled!

Obama also mentioned that they wanted to get a shelter dog. Now, I presume that the dog they’ll be getting at the end of April will be a shelter dog, I just couldn’t get confirmation of that. Why the end of April? Well, the family have a little ‘Spring Break’ planned around that time and it wouldn’t do to upset Doggie and take him off on hols or *shock horror* leave him in kennels when he’s only just arrived. And apparently, the arguments have already begun over what the new First Mutt will be called…


6 responses to “First Dog!

  1. Aww he is quite cute looking isn’t he? I like when dogs look like they’ve got a bit of personality, y’know, when they’re not perfectly cutesy-wutesy.

  2. they come in different colours, annie.. another little black & white was cute but this guy is super cute! i wonder what colour the Obama’s will be… but actually, i’m more excited about what they’re going to call it!

  3. Ah he’s so gorgeous! Can’t wait till we’ve the space for a little pooch of our own *sigh*

  4. My friend has one of these and they are indeed cute city! A fecker to keep clean but brilliant pets all the same.
    She has to keep his water in a water bottle because if she leaves a bowl of water for him he trys to get in it!

  5. how beautiful. i think it’s great for children to have dogs. good example to rescue one too. i love my doggie so much it’s silly!!x

  6. Adorable! And you know I’m completely and utterly besotted by my Bertster. I agree with Towny – good training in responsibility for the carpet monsters too x

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