The Princess and the TOADY

arent-i-fabI happened upon this as a small box announcement of 10 lines in a paper last weekend and promptly thought I’d highlight it here, seeing as it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want. Now I’m sure that no one would be surprised to learn that there’s an official ‘Toy of the Year’, which tends to be a sales based award whereby toy manufacturers slap each other on the back in some big hotel conference room and laugh how much they can get parents to pay for a bit of plastic in a box – but do you know what a TOADY is?

There a quite vocal group in the States that have set themselves up as the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood [CCFC] and each year they award a supreme TOADY – Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children [I know, bit of a mouthful] and this year’s winner is Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Barbie. Out of 6,000 votes, this nasty piece of sexist stereotype gained the top spot with 40% of the votes.

Look at the pic on the left. Look at it! Yes it’s what you might describe as a ‘typical Barbie’, but those shorts are going right up her arse they’re so short! And she’s wearing little more than a bra over her ridiculous, watermelon sized boobs. So, we’ve got the usual Barbie figure – one that’s been estimated at a mind boggling out of proportion 36′[chest]-18′[waist]-33′[hips] – and the little bits of material covering her modesty that constitute a cheerleaders outfit. The combination of flesh, non existent outfit and links to that most holy of grails [as far as Americans are concerned], the family all loves it, American Football just doesn’t sit easy with the CFCCers. And it doesn’t sit easy with me either. I’m thinking that the kind of Mom who’ll buy this for her kid [she’s $79.99 by the way!] is the type that will be then driving her daughter to a beauty pageant once they stop off for more industrial strength hairspray and teeth whitener along the way.

Now, I’ll never be the type to say that I’m fond of little girls – but do they not deserve better than this? How the feck are they supposed to be able to tick ‘eating disorders’ off the list of issues they’ll never have if they think that 1] they should have a body like Barbie or 2] that being a cheerleader is the way to go, no matter what it takes to get there. Mind you, as Barbie is nearly 50 [IRL, obviously, in Barbie’s World she’ll always be that shinning, sparkling Prom Queen], Mattel have been pushing this one for quite a while and must’ve corrupted many a young mind by now – in 1992, Teen Barbie gave us such pearls of wisdom as ‘I love shopping’ and ‘Will I ever have enough clothes?’, not to mention the inspirational ‘Maths is tough!’

I hate Barbie. I will admit that I was a Sindy fan when I was really young, but in fairness, Sindy is in a different class. Good for the CCFCers for making Barbie into a TOADy. 


6 responses to “The Princess and the TOADY

  1. Take a look at the roasting that wonderfully intelligent girl who pretty much won University Challenge for her team (apologies, can’t for the life of me remember her name right now) is getting in certain parts of the meeja. Just for being intelligent and well read. It drives me mad!

    It’s young women like her that should be held up as role models for young girls to aspire to.

    Not the wans that fall out of the big brother house and get famous for being thick *roll*

    Oh don’t get me started on this….

  2. i agree, it’s an absolute load of codswallop.

    i recently watched a “friend” tell her 15 year old daughter not to eat 4 slices of toast (after camogie training) because “you’ll get fat if you’re not careful” if i’d had a baseball bat i’d have intriduced it to my “friends” head there and then. the child is slim, perfectly slim.

    oh and i still love Sindy.

  3. What is wrong with that woman?! Does she have any idea what she’s doing to her impressionable 15 year old daughter???? Obviously not. Of course the girl was hungry after training!!!

    Some people….. grrrrrrrrr

  4. exactly montyc, i could have slapped the woman. i told the youngun to tuck in and ignore her weird mother. lol

  5. at 15 she’s still waay young enough to eat what she wants after training, ffs!
    even when she’s older, if she keeps up the exercise she’ll be able to put away a lot more calories.. her mother should be encouraging the exercise not giving out to her for eating!

  6. oh.. and i still love Sindy too, Towny! i just don’t ahem, spend the same amount of time with her anymore!

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