Friday Pah!

Yes.. Very late with today’s Friday Song. And it’s not even up yet! I finally decided what I wanted to put up about 2 hours ago [on the way to work] and I can’t, can’t for the life of me find it as 1] the normal ‘studio’ video isn’t on YouTube, only shaky live footage crap is there and 2] where I can find it, it doesn’t have the usual URL link so that I can put it up here and you lot don’t have to click into into to see what the bloody song is. *Sigh*

So, what was I going to put up, I hear you ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you as I have a feeling some divine type of intervention is doing it’s best to ensure I don’t sabbotage – wow! Beastie Boys! Haven’t heard that for a bit!.. but it’s maybe not a ‘Friday Song’ hmm – anyway.. to ensure I don’t sabbotage something, a cutting off nose to spite face type thing. Maybe. Oh lookit.. Come back in a while and I’ll have a Friday Song up. Promise.


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