Echo Echo

I swear to God, the next time I hear this song I’ll know who sings it. It’s a perfect little pop ditty and it’s all about ‘being back in Echo Beach someday-ay-ay-ay’. Oh this song kills me everytime I hear it – but no more! It’s all the fault of ITV for dreaming up the Echo Beach/ Moving Wallpaper combo. I’d heard this song before that but have heard it loads more since. ‘Moving Wallpaper’ was the ‘behind the scenes in the TV production company while filming Echo Beach’ programme that was shown before the actual soap that was being produced, ‘Echo Beach’. With me? Good. There’d be all kinds of crises behind the scenes and generally a lot more bad behaviour [yes, sex between people that shouldn’t be up to that kind of thing and general I-could-be-fired-for-this type malarkey] just with less corny lines and less looking out to sea in a forelorn way after the latest setback / heartbreak.. you get the picture!

I watched a few of these episodes and it’s all well and good ITV trying to be a parody of itself and what TV production is, gold star to the clever exec etc.. but I liked these programmes just for what they were – perfect Friday night I’m just about to get ready to go out viewing and perfect is there any pizza left, I’m opening more wine wiewing as well. Not a lot of thinking involved, see? And did I mention Hugo Speer? Mmm mmm…

Sadly, Echo Beach is no more but apparently Moving Wallpaper will be back but will be behind the scenes of a ‘fictional’ or ‘zombie’ show.

And just for the record, Martha and the Muffins did the original in 1980, Toyah did a version and Gabrielle Cilmi recorded the version used by ITV.


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