Flower Power

flowers-2So, did you give or receive flowers on Valo’s Day? It’s not a question about scoring points, it’s just an event that can say a lot. Don’t you think there’s something intriguing about seeing someone walk down the street with a bunch of flowers? There’s all kinds of flowers. There’s the ‘I got you these cos they looked nice and so I thought of you’ flowers. There’s the ‘These are the biggest bunch of flowers I could find, you have to be impressed now’ flowers. There’s the ‘I hope you like them, I tried really hard to get you flowers you’d like, I hope these do the job’ flowers. There’s the ‘ I’m sorry’ flowers. There’s the ‘I actually bought these for myself, because I wanted to’ flowers. There’s the ‘I bought these for myself because they’re the only thing that’s made me smile today’ flowers. And there’s the ‘I miss you so much, why did you leave me’ flowers.

Every bunch of flowers tells a story but it’s generally a story that stays between the petals and leaves. I got a fantastic bunch of flowers delivered to work on Friday, the day before Valentine’s Day. Absolutely fabulous flowers, a mix of lillies, red roses, pink carnations, yellow heather-y sprays, there was an orange Tiger Lilly about to bloom all set off with green leafy strands – we’re talking a huge bouquet. I decided to leave the flowers in work until I could bring them to my parents place on Monday night, more people would get to admire them that way and I’m never really sure where exactly I’m spending my weekend nights now anyway. Come Monday, they were still perfect, the Tiger Lilly had bloomed and I struggled to carry them from the office to the bus stop.

A few young girls looked me up and down as I walked by. A guy walking towards me smiled and winked. I was standing at the bus stop and a lady around my Mom’s age smiled without hesitation just after I realised she had glanced up from the bouquet and was looking me square in the eye. Then I wondered what she was thinking. Feckit anyway! She was deffo thinking I’d gotten them as an apology from the someone that should’ve actually remembered Valentine’s Day last Saturday and was trying to make up for it now. Or else that I’d a secret admirer that was flat broke to shell out before the 14th and only plucked up the courage to send them after the event. A guy got off the bus when it arrived and raced over to me, ‘Ah! Ye shouldn’t have!’ and away with him leaving me to smile after being very distracted by the lady from a few minutes beforehand. As I got on the bus, the driver held out his hands, ‘OH! thanks very much! They’re gorgeous’ and beamed at me while I momentarily stopped struggling with the huge foliage to laugh. Some people got off the bus a stop later and I could feel faces peering into the cellophane wrapper to get a better look.

Ok, so I felt a right twit on the way home, barely able to see around this huge bouquet. But it really wasn’t that bad, I suppose it reinforced my thought that people are very intrigued by a bunch of flowers. And who were the flowers from, I hear you ask? Well, actually they were from my boss! Two bouquets were hand delivered last Friday to say ‘Thanks girls for all your hard work. Happy Valentine’s Day’. What? You thought they were from McSmile? Ha! Yeah right.


4 responses to “Flower Power

  1. Bold McSmile! However I’m sure he made up for it by giving you something that doesn’t droop or wither…

  2. Loving your new boss….. Stinky McSmile!

  3. I noticed roses were half price in the local spar the day after valos – Ill bet a load of wives got the “oh the delivery man was a day late” speel!!

  4. deffo ams! or else i’d say a lot got the ‘well, they were half price by the time i got to the florist – you should be lucky you’re getting any at all!’ routine… gggrrr…

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