Osmo-regulate Me!

ren-moisturiserOK, I’ve already shared my thoughts on the yummy REN lip honey, so after giving the ‘Osmotic Infusion Ultra Moisture Day Cream’ a bit of a trial, I’m ready to let you know what I think! Now, I’ve said before, REN have a very fancy schmancy way of letting you think that their stuff was actually developed by the medical team aboard the USS Enterprise somewhere beyond the Delta Quadrant and then beamed back in time to us mere mortals as the saviour of the ‘modern’ world. And well, while we all know that there’s some things that should be avoided and some that should be looked out for when it comes to a bit o’ skincare, it’s no good the PR’s and copywriters playing a blinder if the product just doesn’t come up to scratch.

This is the blurb that comes with this little number – ‘Specifically formulated to infuse dry skin with long lasting moisture to leave skin smooth, plump, comfortable and beautifully healthy. This cream not only provides immediate moisture but is cunningly formulated with an osmotic regulator that carries water deep into the skin and releases it when extra hydration is needed. Phytostimuline from Beech Bud and hyaluronic acid further increase the skin’s moisture retaining ability. Ceramide, phospholipids and Omega 6 boost the skin’s repair function to help restore softness, elasticity and optimum comfort whilst REN’s Global Protection Complex helps purify the skin and protect against premature ageing’ – but what is it actually like when you slap it on yer mush?

The texture of this is lovely, not too heavy and deffo not too light. Unusually velvety and silky, you then realise that that must be all the osmotic regulators just ensuring that it spreads across skin before oh-so-easily sinking into it. Perhaps. But definitely it has a ‘wow’ factor from the very first application! My skin [and this is aimed at dry skin that can feel taut after washing] is dry but not seriously so, just in need of regular moisture and some extra TLC in the Winter, so I would think I’m the target audience for this particular piece of kit. My overall verdict is that this is exactly the type of moisturiser that’s good for my skin and the REN ‘no horrible chemicals’ policy is not to be sniffed at either.

I was going to give out about politely add that a bit of old SPF wouldn’t be a bad addition but lo and behold! ‘All moisturisers contain REN’s exclusive Global Protection Complex, a powerful blend of anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers designed to protect the skin against premature aging and reduce the signs of damage in the skin caused by UV induced DNA damage and chronic inflammation’. Result!

This tube of lovely cost me €42 but as is to be expected… gggrrr… a bit less when bought in Sterling online.

Update: It has been pointed out to me that Clery’s may not be the cheapest place to buy REN. Apparently there’s a chemist near Eason’s on Talbot St, Cleary’s, that have better prices and are good with samples. Also try the Nourish shops [3 in Dublin city centre and a further 2 in Rathfarnham and Santry].


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