Valentine Validation

heartOk, most likely you’ll have and opinion on this – and if you say you don’t I bet you a box of Cadbury’s Roses that you’re lying. What’s the deal with Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it with your Other Half and then go back to being narky with each other, fighting over the remote control or spending your time saying ‘Well, if you do this.. I’ll do that?’ How long does it take before one of you says ‘I knew you’d go back to being a pig once we were home from the restaurant.’

Do you acknowledge that it’s just nice to give or receive a card or a kiss with a smile and an ‘I love you?’  You write each others secret names on the cards and most likely are the couple that kiss in the pub when it’s just the two of you and would be the clear winners playing a game of ‘Mr & Mrs’? Perhaps you’re both the over-the-top-gesture types. Flying off to Paris for the weekend just because it’s THAT weekend. Big gestures of jewellery which has to be worn at all times but especially when other people are looking. The bigger the present the better as a bigger present signifies how much love you’re in love.

Or do you moan to anyone within earshot about the commercialism of the day and that you’d rather just do stuff and things anytime you darn well fancy.. if you, ahem, had someone else to do the stuff and things with, that is. That no one should tell you when is the best time to express your feelings. That it’s nothing but a money making racket dreamt up by Hallmark and Pizza Hut to con the kids out of their cash.

Maybe you’ve doodled someone else’s name all over the foolscap pad that’s meant to be the work Fire Safety manual but hasn’t made it into The Very Important Folder yet.. and well.. when that someone has decided that the two of you are made for each other after all, sure we’ll laugh at the time there was a fire alarm and your boss couldn’t read steps 1 to 3 or make out the contact number cos of all the pen marks and hearts. The fact that that someone knows you exist, that it’s more that they need to know exactly how much you exist and that it can never be too late and that when that song is on the radio, it reminds you of the time you both laughed at Dave from Accounts dodgy moves on the dancefloor when he thought he pulled Angela the receptionist. Ha! That was hilarious!

Maybe you really do think that it’s a load of arse and are just looking forward to a bit of shopping or the rugby over the weekend. Well? 


2 responses to “Valentine Validation

  1. Valentine’s Day is hands down one of the most capitalist holidays of the year. Personally I wouldn’t squeeze in with the masses. I think it’s so much better to do all the fancy shmancy stuff when it’s least expected.

    Maybe I’m just being too cynical, but it basically creates a lot of chaos: Traffic jams, depression and whatnot. It’s also sad to think that a lot of people forget to celebrate the other kind of love i.e. family.

  2. we’ll exchange only cards. i’ll make some lovely steak for tea, then we’ll go to the local and sit apart all night in boy and girl groups. job done!!xx

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