iba09-nominatedThis is soo exciting! Myself, Fizzy and Molly are beside ourselves at being nominated for the Best Newcomer Blog in this years [Irish] Bloggies. While the Smalls were tucked up in their baskets, I went to last years awards with the’s  and it was a great night! There was a really fun atmosphere and we all had great craic. It was fairly obvious that all the Bloggers involved [Glitter See, Glitter Do wasn’t even a twinkle in this Bloggers eye last March!] were not only fully committed to sharing the nice and not so nice, ins and outs of daily life but that they also loved every minute of doing it as well!  And if I can just put a nod out to everyone that blogs, good for you! There’s loads of fantastic blogs out there and I’ve been really impressed by the commitment and effort! The full list of nominations is over here where you’ll find all the various categories and competition. See how much work you get done today! I bet you’ll be adding to your Google Reader within minutes!

This years awards will take place in Cork on the 21st of February.


7 responses to “Cool!

  1. Mucho congrats and best of luck 🙂

  2. Yey congrats…I’ve been nominated too, I’m just sad that it’s already booked out

  3. That’s FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats GK!

  4. excellent news. hurrah!x

  5. Yeah…… great news, in fact the best. Well done.

  6. Well done Glitter!

  7. aw gee, thaaanks guys! how exciting?!

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