Gonna Eat Me A Lot Of Peaches

The weather has turned distinctly miserable again this week. I still haven’t been able to wear my ‘To Glitter, From Glitter’ new dress. And I want to be able to wear my new dress. If at least the rain and biting cold would go away I’d have no trouble throwing on a coat to do me from taxi to pub and I’d be ok for a few trips outside for a lovely fag as well. But no, our temperate climate means I’ll just have to dream about wearing the dress without the need for tested in the Arctic outerwear.. and dream I may well be doing for a while yet considering our recent ‘Summers’!

So, to cheer myself up, I’m going to think about the time I was in Barcelona with the sun shining, sitting on Las Ramblas with the waiter pouring triple vodkas for the price of a coke back home. Every so often we’d take some shelter in the market across the road and load up on fantastic fruit and race back to our table so that the chocolate we also bought wouldn’t melt! Oh the size of those juicy peaches! Steady now.. But definitely when I think of it being sunny I think of peaches, well, whose thoughts wouldn’t wander towards smooth skin, glistening provocatively under the brightness of a hot, lazy day?


One response to “Gonna Eat Me A Lot Of Peaches

  1. i’d love to be in the sunshine sigh! i hear ya on the weather front. my mums flight home was cancelled this morning. she’s here until wednesday. i need to be in the sunshine!x

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