No Bother! Talk To Ye!

blonde-goth-21As I’ve mentioned, I started a new job recently. And it’s not in Dublin, where I officially live, but a town outside of the capital, close enough to my parents place. So, it’s a whole new regime for me as I’m Chez Parents for a couple of weeknights and back in the Big Smoke to ensure I keep some semblance of a social life at weekends. The upshot of this is that I’ve a whole new town to get to know – and that means shopping!

I was pleasantly surprised by what’s right outside my office window. At lunchtime I tend to go next door into Marks & Spencer, maybe pick up a posh sambo or pasta thingy, maybe allow a Lemon Meringue Pie to fall into my basket, maybe also picking up some posh crisps or a 3 pack of trusty knickers. In the same shopping centre there’s an Esprit, which made me squeal with delight as I love Esprit – sure they do black all year round! There’s also the nice shop I got my fab ‘To Glitter, From Glitter’ birthday dress. There’s even a big department store and to my delight I was able to pick up loads of lovely Apivita stuff there last week and they do loads of mid price skin & haircare brands that I haven’t yet tried.

Walking down the street the other day, past the fabulous fishmongers, I went further a field than normal [ie about 100 yards] and found myself in a lovely artisan cafe/deli, the loveliness oozing out from wooden pots of oils and vinegars, the whole place smelling like a bit of Italy. ‘What would you like, pet? How can I help you?’. ‘Er, do you do paninis? I was just looking at that ham you have’. ‘Now, we don’t do paninis, what about a nice ciabatta? Fresh today!’. ‘Ok then! Yeah, some of that ham and em.. what else will I have..?. ‘What about the sweet chilli relish? I’ll pick you out some extra nice bits of the ham, there’s a honey glaze on it and some of that relish, would that be ok?’ ‘Great! Yeah! thanks’. No bother, here you go and sure just take the Coke from the fridge on your way out. Mind yourself!’ And sure I was just thinking about how nice that girl was when I popped into a chemist for a bit of Smashbox and how much are the Clinique gift sets down to perusing.

The next day I went back to my usual deli for lunch. ‘Now! what can I get you? What’s it like outside, it was freezing earlier’. ‘Oh it’s still freezing, but sure.. can I get a roll with chicket fillet and a bit of coleslaw please?’ ‘Of course you can! No bother. There a big fillet left, I’ll give you that one.’ ‘Great! Thanks!’ ‘Now, will I cut it in half for you?’ ‘Please.’ ‘Now, I’m only asking cos there was a fella in here the other day.. well! he got fierce annoyed that I cut his sandwich in two! Did ye ever hear the like? Fierce annoyed he was! Now, off you go and enjoy your lunch – both halves!’

I’m still laughing at that one because well, you can see her point.  But I’ll have to concentrate tomorrow lunchtime – apparently there’s a huge designer clothes sale on in the next street, all high end labels and the only worn once clothes will be for nothing! I might have to forgo usual wander and head straight to this but it’ll be another little adventure in this place I’m still getting to know!


6 responses to “No Bother! Talk To Ye!

  1. That person in the deli sounds lovely! Very helpful as well. Isn’t that great? Keep us posted on any further discoveries! 🙂

  2. What wonderful town is this? It sounds lovely to work in?

  3. I want to work there too!

  4. well now girlies, if I told you which town it was I’d have to kill you 😉
    suffice to say that I’ll keep you updated with any shopping discoveries..

  5. Sounds like paradise Glitter! Enjoy investigating further.

  6. I also love Esprit for the year-round availability of black clothes. Why don’t other retailers do the same? Is it a special Irish thing that I haven’t picked up on?

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