Kitten Fail

You’ll laugh at this the second you see it and then scold yourself because the poor wee thing must’ve hurt itself. And then you’ll laugh again, stop mid guffaw but have an uncontrollable urge to share it with someone else.

How many times and with how many cats and kittens have I seen this? We’ve seen the ‘one step and she disappears off the table, even though no one realised she was that close to the edge’, we’ve seen the ‘skids into the wall mush first when trying to turn a corner so quickly that an arse has actually banged against the wall’. We’ve also [oh the shame!] done the ‘shine a torch onto a wall and watch how kitty disappears down the back of the couch’.

There was one time when Molly literally fell from the sky [or the kitchen roof, to be exact], my sister being the only one to see it, thinking she’d gone mad and then poor Molly was found outside, none the worst for wear, just a little dazed. We’ve also laughed at the ‘oh, scratch me more, up on hind legs effort that resulted in a very undignified falling over’, that one came complete with a swipe at another nearby innocent kitty for just being there at the moment of utter shame. The ‘OMG! I thought the bird bath was empty’ ended up with a soggy and annoyed kitty that we had to turn our backs on to laugh, such was the undignified result – you should’ve seen the puss on that face!

Oh felines are a funny lot! I simply can’t decide if I find this funnier than the amount of sympathy I have for the little baby that doesn’t quite make it to the top of the ledge. It’s a bit like Daddy or Chips – how do you decide?!


5 responses to “Kitten Fail

  1. Oh no, I can’t see the pic cos I’m at work! 😦

    Yes, all the cuts and scabs on my hand are worth it – the funny incidents outweigh the bold moments.

  2. *wiping away tears of laughter*

    That is priceless!

  3. that’s hilarious. my personal favourites are when furs make a good ole dash for the great outdoors only to slam into a big ole glass patio door that they didn’t realise was there. lol.

  4. Oh how I laughed. And Bert laughed too. Inside.

  5. hehe.. it’s just too funny not to play over and over and …..

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