Happy Birthday To Me!

This Altered Images version of ‘Happy Birthday’ has been in my head all week! It’s just so boppy and fizzy and sparkly, so a bit of a no-brainer really! Claire Grogan so was the Pixie of Pop! Now, as you read this, I must confess that it’s not actually my birthday until tomorrow, but! but! eh, I really don’t see myself online over the w/end cos I’ll be too busy having fun elsewhere!

This may well be the shortest post ever.. but I’m too excited! I still don’t have an absolute plan, but rest assured, there will be dancing and drinking and eating and kissing and .. and well.. there’s bound to be a lot of laughing! Woo Hoo! Have a great weekend everyone!


6 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Have a great birthday weekend GK, tell all on Monday!!

  2. That pic looks rude at first.

    Can’y utube at work – takes ages.

    Happy bd GK…

  3. trust you becks!!

    ta for the greetings tho

  4. Happy Birthday Glitter!

  5. have a great time glitter. can’t wait to here all the details. i like stevie wonders happy birthday meself. i trust you’ll be wearing your present to yourself this weekend. Enjoy.x

  6. Belated happy birthdays!

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